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Join the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program and earn additional income doing what you already do best—creating authentic, beautiful content. Brands are learning quickly that the best way to reach their audience is through engaging, useful, and high-quality content that publishers (like you) create every day. The Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program is a win/win solution for Publishers and Brands. You earn money sharing with your readers the unique, useful content they’re craving and Ahalogy brand partners get the high-quality content and creative they need to connect with their audience and achieve their marketing goals. 


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Fill out this short form to opt into the program and provide us the details of partnering with you. 



Step 2

Request an Ahalogy ID number. This number will be used in Step 3. 


Step 3

Download the Ahalogy Wordpress Plugin and select "Enable Automatic Showcase of my posts to Ahalogy Brand Partners"


Ahalogy is the best of the best, in my experience. The campaign was more than successful—it’s actually the highest viewed post on my blog as of yet.
— By Gabriella , Ahalogy Sponsored Content Partner


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