With the enterprise in mind, Ahalogy provides a robust set of solutions to complement our platform offering.


Shopper Marketers know that consumers use and shoppers buy. So how do you connect with the shopper during the entire path to purchase when most marketing is aimed at the consumer? How do you engage the shopper when they're receptive to a brand's message and in the purchase mindset? Industry research shows that "relevant and useful content" is the key, but it's difficult to guess which content topics will inspire shoppers to purchase. As a technology company with a focus on influencer marketing, Ahalogy taps into data that helps brands make better decisions. Our data drives the strategy for the creation of high-performance, high-quality content that is guaranteed to connect with shoppers.


It takes the best content to do well in digital marketing, and we know creating branded content can be time­consuming and expensive. Our premium content partners create brand-focused content—articles with breathtaking visuals, and even videos—tailor-made for all digital and social platforms. Small investment, big reward. 

Content Strategy

If you’re ready to level up your content marketing but don’t know where to begin, our Content Strategy Workshops are the perfect solution. We audit the content, imagery, copy, and performance of your existing account—and your competition’s—and provide recommendations based on what works. 

Paid Media

Let our team manage your paid social media campaigns across platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Advanced targeting capabilities are available, including interest, demographics, geography, and even email address. Ahalogy delivers a lower CPC or CPM, keeping all your reporting in one place. Ahalogy makes paid media activation the least of your worries. 

Managed Services

For brands lacking capacity or needing more help getting started, let us manage your entire content marketing strategy and execution. Our team of designers, copywriters, and brand strategists hand­select content, optimize images and descriptions, manage distribution, test­and­learn, with reporting to help you share internally. It doesn’t get much easier.