Join the Ahalogy Content Network (it's free!) and earn additional income doing what you already do best—creating authentic, beautiful content. Brands are learning quickly that the best way to reach their audience is through engaging, useful, and high-quality content that publishers (like you) create every day. The Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program is a win/win solution for Publishers and Brands. You earn money sharing with your readers the unique, useful content they’re craving and Ahalogy brand partners get the high-quality content and creative they need to connect with their audience and achieve their marketing goals. 

Follow these easy steps to become part of the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program.

step 1 |  install The ahalogy plugin

Ahalogy's Sponsored Content WordPress Plugin allows you to showcase your content in the Ahalogy "content library" —an online directory available to our clients to help them select publishers to partner with for their influencer campaign needs. 

Already an Ahalogy Partner? Make sure your plugin is up-to-date and that you have selected to "Enable Automatic Showcase" of your content.

New to Ahalogy? Simply request an ID number, so you can install the Ahalogy WordPress Plugin. 

Not on WordPress? No worries, we still want to partner with you! Simply skip to Step 2 and fill our our Sponsored Content Form. 

step 2 | submit a sponsored content form

The Ahalogy Sponsored Content Form allows us to capture the details of partnering with you for our client's sponsored content needs—from pricing per post to your social media reach. This information will not be shared directly with our clients, but rather makes the process of kicking off a new campaign more streamlined for all parties involved. 

Although our plugin is currently only available via WordPress sites, we welcome publishers on all CMS versions to fill out the Sponsored Content Form to be considered for sponsored content opportunities. 

How does the Sponsored Content Program Work?

Join:  Download the Ahalogy WordPress Plugin and/or fill out our short form to opt into the program.

Offer:  Ahalogy reaches out to you with specific brand opportunities, including payment and campaign details.

Details:  If you accept, Ahalogy provides you with the assets and direction you’ll need to be successful.

Create:  You create and submit your sponsored content.

Review:  Ahalogy coordinates with you and the brand to make sure everything looks right before the content goes live.

Amplify:  Ahalogy works with brands to share and amplify your content across platforms.

Payment:  Ahalogy pays you within 30 days of submitting your final content. 

Other perks of being an Ahalogy Content Partner

The Ahalogy Pinterest Software

In addition to consideration for paid brand content opportunities, publishers in our network also enjoy free access to Ahalogy's tools and services. These include:

  • Ahalogy’s Pinterest smart scheduling and optimization tools

  • Easy access to share the latest viral, popular content

  • Visibility among top brands and publishers who curate content to share with their audiences

  • Personalized help, education, and insights to take your blog to the next level

Want in? Request access today and enjoy all the helpful tutorials at The Ahalogy Help Center.

Already an Ahalogy Partner? Click HERE to login to our software.