Pinterest Software & Service

With proven ROI for paid and earned, Ahalogy's Pinterest optimization software significantly boosts performance for enterprise marketers—we're the secret SEO tool for Pinterest. 

content sourcing

The Ahalogy Content Network is a library of over 5000 premium influencers who have licensed their content for brands to share on social and can be sorted by top performers, brand favorites, and recommended for you.

scheduling + Liftwords

Ahalogy's SEO tool suggests keywords as you compose Pin Descriptions to help increase your content's discoverability through search by 15% and allows you to schedule Pins at the optimum time of day with our auto-publishing feature.

robust analytics

Track the performance of your Pins with our Insights tool, including repin and click data. The Ahalogy Themes feature allows you to tag Pins base on the product type, category, or seasonality to compare their performance. 

paid amplification

Through a combination of data-driven content selection, authentic, high quality, and optimized creative, and targeted keyword selection—Ahalogy's Promoted Pin Management has achieved as low as a $0.02 CPC.

Our Optimization Tools


Our SEO-savvy Liftwords tool suggests keywords as you type your Pin description—increasing discoverability by an average of 15%.


Our image optimization integration allows you to crop, recolor, and apply text overlays to Pins created from your own website or using content from our Ahalogy Content Network.


The Ahalogy insights tool is a comprehensive look at your Pin performance—including saves and clicks—over any period of time. Through the use of Theme tagging you can even compare performance of varying categories, creative styles, or products.


Our smart schedule takes into account the subject matter of each Pin and, based on past performance, schedules that content to go live at the best time of day and day of the week to get the most engagement. 

Are you a Pinterest believer? Maximize your investment with a specialized solution.