There is always a great deal of pressure for brands to capture consumers’ attention and break through the masses of content clutter during the holiday season. When the Philips Sonicare™ team came to us looking for new ways to drive engagement and purchase consideration during the holiday season, we knew just where to begin. With the help of Ahalogy’s premium, hand-selected influencer network and an e-commerce-focused influencer solution, the campaign helped boost engagement and drive traffic to   




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Brand Challenge

Philips Sonicare™ wanted to increase brand awareness, new usage occasions, and online sales of Philips Sonicare at Target during holiday gifting season—a time when consumers are inundated with countless product offers and advertisements.   


The Ahalogy Solution 

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Using Ahalogy’s proprietary data software, Muse, seasonal content trends and insights were pulled together to guide the creative direction of the influencer’s content. For this campaign, Ahalogy found several new use occasions around toothbrushes for the campaign’s holiday timing—including personalized spa or self-grooming gift baskets.


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 02. premium INFLUENCER content

For this campaign, influencers were hand-selected to create custom content that inspired the purchase of Philips Sonicare™ 2 Series Electric Toothbrush at Target. The content positioned the Philips Sonicare™ 2 Series Electric Toothbrush as the perfect Christmas gifting solution.

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Ahalogy supported the influencer content with paid media on Facebook and Pinterest. The social media posts and static blog content were amplified to the brand’s target audience and drove traffic to both the content and Target product pages through the "Buy Now" button. In addition, all page views were validated with third-party verification.



Results & Learnings

During the promotional period, Ahalogy tracked Sonicare™ online purchases at Target. The brand not only saw a lift in online sales, Ahalogy helped uncover new purchase behaviors for the brand. For instance, consumers purchased a different color of toothbrush for each member of the family (Pink and Black were the most popular colors, followed by: Aqua, Blue, and White). Plus, we found that some customers extended their purchase of Sonicare™ products to the entire family by also purchasing the Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.  



of consumers clicked on the "buy now" button after seeing content on social






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