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Is Earned Influencer Marketing Dead?


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Watch our latest webinar where we tackle the issue that's currently hanging over the marketing industry: when it comes to influencer campaigns, what's really driving ROI—paid or earned traffic? 

We'll provide the answer to this question and more, including: 
  • The watchouts you should be aware of surrounding follower fraud, click farms, bots, and more—and how to reach real people in your target audience on every campaign.  
  • A three-step approach to measuring influencer campaigns with audited influencer selection, 100% paid media, and validated site engagement metrics. 
  • How to incorporate Ahalogy's Tri-Verified solution into your next influencer campaign.

              Meet Your Webinar Hosts




Co-Founder, CEO

Bob began his marketing career at P&G, where he launched new products such as Mr. Clean Madig Eraser and was named an Advertising Age top marketer. Following P&G, he bacame partner and Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge Worldwide and went on to help create POSSIBLE, a leading global digital agency network. 



 Charlotte mock

Paid Media Strategist

Charlotte, a Cincinnati native and graduate of Xavier University, currently leads Ahalogy's paid media strategy. She specializes in executing paid media campaigns across platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, AdWords, and more. 



 julia chick

Content Strategist

 Julia Chick is a Content Strategist at Ahalogy, a tech startup focused on influencer marketing. She equips bloggers and content creators with the tools and knowledge to grow their blogs and facilitates relationships between these bloggers and some of the world’s biggest brands.