Category Trend Data  |  Muse makes it easier to identify and act on changing consumer trends. 

content trends

Muse tracks conversation and content in your broader category, presenting both high-volume and fast-emerging trends along with visual inspiration.

Facebook + Pinterest Data

Muse includes category data from Facebook, Pinterest, and our own network of 5,000+ influencers.

daily decisions

Muse makes daily content decisions easier for Social Media and Email Managers leading to improved engagement and open rates.

Content Planning

Muse gives Brand and Agency Strategists insights to help guide campaign directions, promotional ideas, and product development. 

Tour the Product:

Muse helps our in-house test kitchens uncover emerging trends that fit with our branded products. We use these trends to discover new ideas and flavor combinations and develop new branded recipes that are more relevant for our consumers.
— Campbell's, brand partner

Muse Features

Top Topics

Facebook topics with the highest engagement for the last 30 days

Related Topics

Topics most commonly mentioned in conjuncture with a Top Topic

emerging Topics

Facebook topics with the most dramatic rate of change in engagement for the last 30 days

Viral Stories

Articles or posts contributing to the topic's success

inspired Stories

Content about that topic from Ahalogy Influencers

Muse is offered as a monthly subscription per category, with no limits to the number of users, queries or mentions.

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