Have you ever gone to make a recipe you discovered online only to find that as you’re cooking, you’ve got a question about an ingredient substitution or need help executing one of the more complicated steps? If only the recipe creator was right there in the kitchen with you to answer all of your burning questions. In time for Super Bowl LII, Ahalogy sought to help solve this common issue for consumers. The experiment was so successful, it led to a brand new Ahalogy product offering: Influencer LIVE™ experiential Brandables campaigns.




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Brand Challenge

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched annual events and social media continues to be a big part of the experience—with 73% of viewers said to be using their devices during the game. Ahalogy wanted to provide an innovative way for leading brands and retailers to connect with consumers during the Super Bowl—a day when Food & Drink content is almost overwhelmingly easy to discover online.



The Ahalogy Solution

To connect consumers with influencers and drive sales for brands on the day of the Super Bowl, we partnered with leading brands like Mondelez to launch an interactive Q&A with influencers before and during the game on Facebook and Instagram. The LIVE Q&A solution helped bridge the gap between everyday consumers inspired to try a new recipe for their game day parties and the experts who created the recipe idea. Here's a step-by-step look at how the activation was implemented for this campaign:  


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01. announce the live activation

It all begins with the influencers who created the original Brandables content. Our Partners agreed to announce the LIVE Q&A on their social media channels to notify their followers (and those who discovered the content through paid media) that they would be “on call” to answer questions about their featured recipe before and during the Super Bowl.  



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 02. further engagement with video content

The experience wasn’t limited to single-post announcements on social media. Live tutorial videos encouraged fans to join, make the recipe alongside the influencer, and ask questions throughout the process. Consumers who engaged expressed positive sentiment towards the recipe and featured brands.


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03. influencer-led Q&A

Popular questions were focused on ingredient replacements based on preference. Through these activations, influencers are able to reiterate her support of the product and help readers create the perfect game day recipe using ingredients they already had on hand—a win-win for both brands and consumers.



Results & Learnings 

Influencer LIVE doesn’t stop with the Q&A session we implemented for the Super Bowl. The solution is all about brand experiences and consumer interactions, which means the product will expand to all types of experiences including appearances, live video, and more. The possibilities are endless when brands connect with consumers using an authentic voice. And what better way to do that than with the trendsetting influencers themselves? 



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