The weeks following New Year's garner some of the highest traffic for recipe content, whether it's ways to eat a little healthier after the holidays or simply refreshing the family dinner rotation. When the Del Monte team came to us looking for new ways for consumers to use their canned vegetable products in recipe content, we knew just where to begin. With the help of Ahalogy's premium, hand-selected influencer network and e-commerce-focused influencer solution, the campaign helped boost engagement and inspire new usage occasions.





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Brand Goal

Del Monte wanted to increase brand awareness and create new usage occasions for their canned corn and green beans product skus during the 2018 New Year’s timeframe.  



The Ahalogy Solution 

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Every Ahalogy campaign begins with data from Muse—Ahalogy’s category trend software. For this campaign, we pulled healthy comfort food trends for canned vegetables during the New Year's drive period. These unique data-driven ideas—like "Mexican Street Corn"—guided the strategy for Del Monte's New Year's campaign.

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 02. premium INFLUENCER content

For this campaign, influencers were hand-selected to create recipe content that inspired the purchase of Del Monte canned corn and green beans. The content positioned the products as the perfect addition to their favorite comfort food recipes, like Shepherd's pie, burrito bowls, and pasta skillets.

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03. verified audience targeting

Ahalogy amplified the influencer content with paid media on Facebook and used third-party verification tools to validate the traffic. Additionally, Del Monte added top performing content from the campaign to their brand website. The enhanced recipe content features high-quality photography and provides more value to online shoppers than traditional product skus.


Results & Learnings 

Del Monte ran paid ads on their branded Facebook page utilizing Ahalogy Brandables content and recipes during the New Year's timeframe. During the campaign, the Brandables content drove higher impressions than regular branded content on Facebook at a more efficient CPM than traditional Del Monte branded content at similar spend levels. 




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