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A data-led approach to higher performing influencer campaigns that drive in-store sales through authentic, meaningful content creation



We start with inspiration from Muse, our proprietary source of category trends and insights, to guide the creative production and uncover audience insights to target shoppers along their path to purchase.

hand-selected, premium influencers

Using Muse category insights and our quality traffic test, we hand-select influencers from our network of  5,000+ partners that we recommend to your brand, allowing you to weigh in on the selection briefing and final creative output. 


Many influencer programs use questionable claims of impressions, reach and clicks. We use 100% paid social media to deliver laser-targeted messages, guaranteed to reach the right buyer. Additionally, third-party tracking verifies landing page and engagement metrics.


We want to make sure you're getting what you pay for, which is why we recently announced that we will be using third-party verification solutions, like Moat Analytics, in every Ahalogy influencer campaign at no additional cost. We coined the three-fold approach Tri-Verified™:

1.       Audited Influencer Selection | We are now auditing influencers’ websites before, during and after we work with them to ensure that they do not have suspicious traffic pumping up their numbers. We are doing this by using tracking technology from Moat, a leading third-party verification service that is used by many of the world’s largest publishers and brands.

2.     100% of Impressions with Paid Media | Earned media is simply too questionable, so we have been relying on paid media promotion from the beginning. With paid media, we can tie into the third-party verification services that our brand and agency clients are already using. Paid media has many additional benefits: We can promote the highest-performing content, we can laser target the brand’s buyers (even utilizing any programmatic data they have), and since most brands have already studied the ROI of paid media it becomes easier to prove the ROI of influencer marketing. We still ask our influencers to share brand content with their social following, but those are bonus impressions on top of what we guarantee.

3.     Validated Site Engagement Metrics | We are now using Moat tracking technology and benchmarks to report and assess activity after the click-through to influencers’ websites. This allows for verification on cost-per-visit campaigns, and more consistent, reliable analytics. Moat has a wide range of novel engagement KPIs that go far beyond what you get with tools such as Google Analytics. We also plan to use this data to help guide our influencers on how to improve their site experiences for future campaigns (with us or others).



We're ready to quickly turn around a proposal, including our data, influencer content, and social promotion. Our team is also available—at no cost—to help you in the planning stages when looking for category insights to help drive your decisions.

Good deal, right?



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