Weekly Musings: Love is in the Air

By Megan Dobberteen

What's a Weekly Musings you ask? It's a look at this week's top trends. Helping you make data-driven decisions for your content calendar and staying up-to-date on what users are talking about is what it's all about.

Love is in the air. And this Valentine's Day we're professing our love of all things trends. Yup, you've read that right. Simply put, were in a love affair with using emerging topics to drive everything we do. Keep reading to find out what 3 top subjects to use when planning your Valentine's Day content. 



Chocolate & Berries | TRENDS IN June

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.25.28 AM.png


Trending throughout the year—thanks to seasonal fruits—Chocolate & Berries see the biggest spike in Q2/Q3—with a spike in February. This dynamic combination peaked on June 20th in 2017.

Everyone knows chocolate-covered strawberries. Using that classic & romantic treat as inspiration, Chocolate & Berries is a versatile and evergreen topic that fits perfectly with Valentine's Day. Use the top related keywords as a jumping off point to get ideas for desserts you can create and share using these sweet flavors.

Top related keywords for Chocolate & Berries are Shortcake, Trifle, Angle Food, Whipped Cream, Pudding, Strawberry, and Ganache.

See how our partners use their recipe ingenuity to bring chocolate & berries to a variety of unique creations. We're falling in love with these sweets already!



DIY & Crafts: 

galentine's Day gifts | TRENDS IN February

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.23.52 AM.png


No surprise here—Galentine's Day see the most traffic in Q1, when Valentine's Day is right around the corner. The topic peaked on February 13th in 2017—likely due to consumers celebrating with girlfriends before the actual holiday.

Kick off your Valentine's Day content with a little girl power. As an unofficial holiday that's celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine's Day content is continuing to rise in popularity. Use this occasion to share thoughtful gift ideas consumers will love sharing with their favorite leading ladies!

Top related keywords for Galentine's Day Gifts are Rosé, Best Friend, DIY Heart, Printable, Mason Jar, and Canvas.

See how our partners use this time to bring their best DIY game.


kids & parenting: 

DIY Valentines | TRENDS IN January

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.22.23 AM.png


DIY Valentines drive all their engagement in Q1. However, with consumers planning ahead, their traffic trends throughout January as well.  The topic peaked on February 6th in 2017.

Although Valentine's Day is known as the romantic holiday, plenty of consumers are using this time to show their love to the whole family. Speak to parents by sharing content under the DIY Valentine umbrella. From cards for them to cards they can give their friends, there are plenty of craft ideas that get the kids involved!

Top related keywords for DIY Valentines are Valentine Box, Crafts, Heart, Whipped Cream, Card Ideas, Printable, and Candy.

See how our partners use their craft creativity to make the little ones feel so loved this Valentine's Day. 



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