The Rise Of The Micro Influencer

Ahalogy Explains the Who, What and Why They Matter.

Micro Influencers are quickly becoming all the rage in content marketing. Just as the name states, this trend has marketers tapping into grass-roots-level social media mavens. Long gone are the days of the celebrity endorsement. Instead, brands are going micro to give their product a new, authentic glow.

The real questions are: Who are these new influencers? And how are they changing the game?



The term micro influencer first evolved on the Instagram platform. Therefore, the term is largely defined by the number of Instagram followers a person has. While still up for debate, a micro influencer is generally qualified as an account with 10K – 100K followers, with some sources including accounts up to 200K.



What do these influencers do? The one thing a celebrity can’t: relate to their followers. Essentially, a micro influencer is like a trusted friend. Granted, a really popular friend. But their opinions are more authentic and engaging. The ideas they share seem relatable and attainable to the everyday consumer.  

Take for example a sportswear company. The brand could choose to invest in a celebrity endorsement for a new product line. Would the product get a lot of eyeballs? Yes. But do those eyeballs care about the product, or are they just a fan of that celebrity? More often than not, it’s the latter.

This phenomenon is the exact reason why marketers are going micro. Working with influencers who are peers amongst their audience drives engagement, and there is data to prove it.



A recent survey conducted by influencer agency HelloSociety verified the drastic difference in engagement between micro and macro influencer campaigns.  

Data indicated that micro influencer campaigns:

  • Have 60 percent higher campaign engagement rates

  • Are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than celebrity influencers

  • Drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer

Reading these numbers, it’s hard to believe that some brands aren’t doing micro influencer campaigns. But these campaigns do come with one extra cost: time. Coordinating posts, shipping product and tracking data across 20 influencers requires a lot more legwork than a big-name endorsement. Compared to this process, celebrities are viewed as a one-stop shop.  

But with the right tools and influencer savvy, brands can win with micro influencer campaigns in a big way.



So how do you ensure your influencer campaign is being seen by a large enough audience, while enjoying the advantages that come with using a micro-influencer? Paid Media.

Ahalogy is differentiating itself in the influencer marketing industry by achieving guaranteed impressions and clicks on every campaign with 100% paid media. Unlike other influencer platforms that rely on questionable organic reach and a huge following, Ahalogy’s paid approach to amplifying influencer campaigns ensures that brands are reaching the right audience, every time. We often use micro-influencers who meet our quality standards—meaning their content is beautiful, authentic, and useful—and amplify the content to get the reach their follower count may otherwise lack. Sounds like a win-win for both our Influencer Network and the brands we work with.

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