Plan Ahead With Muse: Game Day Trend Outlook

Football season recently kicked off, but marketers like you are already starting to plan their play books for this year's big game in February. The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and we’re set-hut-hiking our way into the year’s hottest trends. Whether you’re prepping for a tailgate outside the arena or a simple game day party at home, we can help you score a win with everything from popular recipes to DIY entertaining tips that shoppers will love. Follow this planning guide—complete with category trend data to drive content creation, examples of high-quality branded influencer content, and thought starters for your campaign planning.

First thing's first: You'll want to make sure your timeline allows for the content to launch before or right as the topic peaks on social media.  It makes little sense to post seasonal content when the topic has already begun to simmer down. People begin planning weeks—sometimes even months—ahead of time. Fortunately, Ahalogy uses a data-driven approach for every campaign. Thanks to our category trends and seasonal planning tool, Muse, we can actually predict when certain topics will begin trending, so you can maximize your reach.

Take a look below. Game day content begins its ascent starting at the end of December—likely when the holidays have passed and shoppers are already looking forward to the next celebration. Have your Brandables ready to go by the New Year to reach your audience when they are planning for this annual sports holiday.

Game Day (1).png

When there are so many tasty recipes and fun football-themed party ideas to choose from, how do you ensure that your content breaks through the clutter? Let the data guide your decision-making this season. The following topics are predicted to be among top-performing game day-related content.



These bite-sized appetizers are dynamite! The filling can be easily customized for a surefire win with your home team—from bacon cheeseburger to Buffalo chicken. One thing's for certain about this appetizer trend, it's blowing up in popularity and can be a great recipe to add to your game day or Super Bowl content calendar. 

Meatball, Cheeseburger, and Chicken are among the top related keywords for this popular topic.




The go-to beverage for the big game is beer. We predict simple cocktails—mixed up with beer—to earn extra points in February. IPA's, ales, stouts—you name it—there's a way to incorporate a favorite brew into a game day drink fans will love.

Moscow Mule, Micheladas, and Hard Apple Cider are among the top related keywords for this seasonal ingredient.



3. Chalkboard | 8% YEAR-over-YEAR increase in popularity

Chalkboards resemble old school play books. The sky is the limit when it comes to ways chalkboards can be used at your game day soirée. Since this crafty trend is a blank slate for football entertaining, it's no wonder it's a top topic for the big game!

Serving Trays, Menu, and Backdrops are among the top related keywords for this emerging topic.



want to See more Game Day trends?

For even more football party planning inspiration—and to see how our trend data and influencer content all ties together—check out the free Game Day Trend Outlook. Not only does it dive further into these three topics by showcasing related topics and inspired stories, we also want to share with you five more Food & Drink and DIY & Entertaining trends that the experts at Ahalogy predict to peak for the Big Game. 

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There you have it—everything you need to begin planning for Game Day, from the optimal timing for your campaign to content ideas sure to inspire everyone from DIY-ers to food fanatics. Ready to begin? We're happy to help expand on these trends and insights and ensure performance with our unique Brandables solution. Learn more here, or contact us directly at