Plan Ahead with Muse: A Forecast for Summer Fun


By Megan Dobberteen

It might only be February but we’re already dreaming of warmer weather. This week it's all about the top topics that we believe will make it big in the summer of 2018. From outdoor entertaining ideas to seasonally-inspired recipes, we’ve got everything you need to appeal to shoppers during the warmer weather months.



Grilled Fruit | TRENDS IN July

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Fruit Graph.jpg

"Grilled Fruit" peaks on May 29 when shoppers begin searching for new ways to enjoy seasonal produce.

Everyone knows that fresh fruits are a staple of summertime menus. Add a modern twist to this seasonal treat by embracing the grilled fruit trend as a better-for-you dessert option.  As the latest and greatest in Food & Drink, you may want to dust off your grill for this sweet innovation. 

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See how our partners use their tasty recipe ingenuity to grill up a variety of favorite fruits to fit any occasion this season. Now your favorite grill masters have an excuse to fire it up for every meal!



DIY & Crafts: 

Herb Gardens | TRENDS IN May

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Herb Garden Graph.jpg

Look for "Herb Garden" to reach its peak on May 18—just as warmer weather hits and people are looking for productive outdoor projects to tackle.

You don’t have to be a cooking aficionado to embrace this herb garden trend. Decorative pots or homemade planters are a fun way for consumers to show off their green thumbs. This outdoor—sometimes indoor—activity is just the start of the fresh DIY & Craft inspiration to get you through the summer. Think of this fresh herb recipes you can share post-project! 

Top related keywords for Herb Garden are Mason Jar, DIY, Indoor, Gardening, Tips, Kitchen, Ideas, Hanging, and Pallet.

See how our partners celebrate fresh herbs and spices by creating customized gardens to inspire consumers. 


kids & parenting: 

Pops | TRENDS IN June

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Pops Graph-1.jpg

The topic "pops" remains consistently popular throughout the year, reaching its highest point on June 7. 

Pops aren’t just for eating! Who needs the neighborhood ice cream truck when you can just play with your popsicles instead? This kid-favorite trend is sure to bring out your playful side. And with school out of session and summer fun just begining, this is just the beginning of months worth of kid-friendly activities inspired by the popsicle trend. 

Top related keywords for Pops are Cake, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Ice, Yogurt, Summer, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter, and Healthy.

See how our partners use their craft creativity to make art projects, outdoor activities, and—of course—sweet treats all featuring a colorful and downright fun theme. 



For even more summer planning inspiration—and to see how our trend data and influencer content all tie together—check out the free Summer 2018 Trend Outlook. Not only does it dive further into these items by showcasing related topics and inspired stories, we also want to share with you an overview of our Brandables product as well as thirteen more up and coming topics that the experts at Ahalogy predict to peak this summer.  

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There you have it—everything you need to begin planning for the year ahead, from the optimal timing for your campaign to content ideas sure to inspire everyone from DIY-ers to food fanatics. Ready to begin? We're happy to help expand on these trends and insights and ensure performance with our unique Brandables solution. Learn more here, or contact us directly at