Snack Content Trends: Tasty & Indulgent Treats

For brands, snacks and all on-the-go treats are just as important as the main meals of the day. As consumers seek quick and easy snack ideas, they search for content inspiration from social discovery platforms. Use this report to inform your snack content strategy by taking advantage of how and when these items trend throughout the year.

For a detailed look at how to integrate these small treats into your content strategy, check out Ahalogy’s Snack Trend Report, and the latest insights below.

  • Chocolate is of course, the most popular term among our sweet treats listed, showing up in 53% of relative terms and making this indulgent ingredient a must for satisfying sweet tooths during the mid-day lull. Check out this recipe idea by The Minimalist Baker to see how they integrate this classic into daily snack ideas.


  • Oatmeal peaks in November, being a quick option for those searching a healthy and easy snack and taking up 23% of results. With versatility in both breakfast treats and snack bar recipes, The Kitchen Addiction shows how to use oatmeal to help consumers with all their on-the-go needs.


  • Smoothies are a delicious and filling alternative for those of us on the go, peaking in July with 25% of results—when fresh fruit takes center stage! Check out this content by Live Eat Learn to see how delicious berries combine to create a healthier snack option.


  • Apples are a healthy choice for lunchboxes as kids return to school in September. With 28% of search results, Food Fanatic makes it easy to use this classic fruit in a variety of recipes.


Knowing how snacks trend lets marketers create relevant content for the consumers throughout the year. For more information on how to use these insights to curate and create content for your digital consumer base, download Ahalogy’s Snack Trend Report and contact Ahalogy with any questions on how to expand the impact of your content.