Plan Ahead With Muse: Back-To-School

A wise man once said as one school year closes, another school year opens. Believe it or not, people will be searching for back-to-school related content in just a few short weeks. So before the meal planning and school supply-buying hits, let’s start planning your back-to-school campaign.

First thing's first: You'll want to make sure your timeline allows for the content to launch before or right as the topic begins trending on social media. It makes little sense to post holiday-focused content on the actual holiday. People begin planning weeks—sometimes even months—ahead of time. Fortunately, Ahalogy uses a data-driven approach for every campaign. Thanks to our category trends and seasonal planning tool, Muse, we can actually predict when certain topics—like back-to-school—will begin trending, so you can maximize your reach. 

Take a look below. Back-to-school content wastes no time ramping up in popularity—historical Pinterest data shows that the topic "Back-To-School" begins trending as early as May 21 and peaks on August 10. If you want to make the most of this year's back-to-school campaign period, you'll want to have all of your influencer marketing content buttoned up by July. 

But knowing when to begin sharing content is only step one of launching a successful campaign. The following topics are among some of the top-performing related content ideas for back-to-school. Oftentimes, brands will use these popular topics as the driving force behind a campaign's strategy. After all, it only makes sense to invest influencer dollars into content ideas that you already know are going to resonate with your audience. 


With hectic schedules just around the corner, busy parents are searching for ways to make their weeknight dinner routines a little easier. It’s no wonder freezer meals are a simple solution for anyone looking to save some time during the back-to-school season.

Slow Cooker, Healthy Recipes, and Prep Ahead are among the top-related keywords for this popular topic. 

1. Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Casserole, by The Pretty Bee
2. 6 Fall Gluten-Free Crockpot Meals for Healthy Living, Strength & Sunshine
3. Make Ahead Freezer Taquitos, Betsy Life

Last fall, Barilla, Calphalon, and Tyson teamed up for a Weeknight Meals campaign featuring all three partner brands. Using seasonal flavor trends uncovered in Muse—like butternut squash, sage, and maple syrup, which we know peak in the fall—influencers created quick and easy recipe content to target busy moms during the back-to-school season. 



Many parents look for ways to "hack" their kids' school lunches and after school snacks with fun, family-friendly ideas. Since parents feel like keeping their kids' school lunches new and exciting is tough work, you can offer simple solutions and easy recipes to make their lives easier. Talk about a win-win! 

Lunch Ideas, Lunch Station, and Organization are among the top related keywords for this seasonal topic.

1. Back-To-School Lunchbox Tipsby Good Life Eats
2. Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas, Pretty My Party
3. 5 Healthy Lunch Skewer IdeasDestination Delish 

Take Jack Link's for example. Last back-to-school season, they wanted to find new ways for families to use their product and to inspire moms with unique solutions to make the mornings a little less hectic. We turned to Muse and discovered that snack stations and organization ideas tend to perform well during the campaign's back-to-school timeframe. Influencers then created one-of-a-kind content including kids' lunch ideas and snack stations to keep families organized. 



From chore charts to meal planning tips, helpful printables will always prove handy to your audience around the back-to-school season. Whether it's simply providing a checklist to help get the family organized or inspiration for cute lunchbox notes, busy moms are constantly looking for ways to make each part of the day a little less hectic—and a lot more fun!

Chore Chart, Calendar, and Lunch Notes are among the top related keywords for this seasonal topic.

1. 20 Free Back-To-School Printables, by Pretty My Party
2. Lunchbox NotesLime Doodle Design
3. Free Printable Chore Chart, Delineate Your Dwelling

With the help of our talented mommy influencers, we helped Rubbermaid Lunchblox inspire their target audience with back-to-school lunch packing ideas and free printables to make school mornings as seamless as possible. The branded content provided valuable tips and ideas—while also showcasing their product as a solution for stress-free lunch preparation. 

There you have it—everything you need to begin planning for Back-To-School, from the optimal timing for your campaign to content ideas sure to inspire busy parents. Ready to begin? We're happy to help expand on these trends and insights and ensure performance with our unique Brandables solution. Learn more here, or contact us directly at