Plan Ahead with Muse: 2020

By Autumn Grace Peterson, Copywriter

With the new year ahead, we are looking forward to a whole new calendar year of emerging trends. Guided by our favorite trend detecting and monitoring tool, Muse, we can give your brand nearly 20/2o vision into what 2020 has in store. By analyzing key category trend data, we are ready  to help guide your content strategy through the end of the year. Ready to see what new and trending topics your brand can take advantage of in 2020?

Use this sneak peek at the 2020 Trend Predictions Outlook to drive your content creation during this new year season.  



SUSTAINABILITY | TRENDS february & september

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 11.21.27 AM

"Sustainability" trends throughout the entire year and reaches its peak on September 13.

Shoppers are ready to make changes in 2020 in order to work against climate change by reducing their meat consumption by incorporating plant-based substitutes, cutting down on food waste with "ugly" produce, and choosing plastic-free packaging when doing their weekly grocery shop. 

Top related keywords for Sustainability are Ecology, Sustainable Living, Environmentally Friendly, Climate Change, Waste, Sustainable Tourism, Cork, Zero Waste, Environmentalism, Environmental Issue, Ecotourism, and Renewable Energy. 

See how our partners put their spin on this produce-packed trend.




Non-Alcoholic Spirits | TRENDS IN July & October


"Non-Alcoholic Drinks" trends during both the winter and summer months, especially surrounding holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July.

Audiences can have a spirited evening without alcoholic spirits. Inspire shoppers with mocktail recipes or kombucha spritzers for family-friendly entertaining throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Top related keywords for Non-Alcoholic Spirits are Punch, Cocktail, Mojito, Lemonade, Spritzer, Distilled Beverage, Sangria, Ice Cube, Soft Drink, Mimosa, Piña Colada, and Ginger Ale.

See how our partners are getting the party started with these bubbly (and better for you!) beverages.


health & beauty: 

Body Positivity | TRENDS IN august

body positivity

"Body Positivity" trends especially well during the summer months when shoppers are looking for ways to embrace swimsuit season while loving the skin they're in.

We're positive that "Body Positivity" is a movement everyone can get behind. Showing off the skin they're in, applying no-makeup makeup, and caring for their natural hair are all ways shoppers can practice self-love and treasure what makes them unique.

Top related keywords for Body Positivity are Acceptable Movement, Health at Every Size, Feminism, Self-Love, Queer, Hiking, Body Image, Intuitive Eating, Bodysuit, Gender, Self-Acceptance, and Reproductive Health. 

See how our partners are refreshing their beauty routines with this nourishing trend. 


HEalth & Wellness Trends: 

Gut Health | TRENDS IN October

gut health

“Gut Health" increases in popularity mid-May, peaks on June 5, and falls in mid-July.

Shoppers are listening to their guts— both figuratively and literally! "Gut Health" is a rising concern among audiences; encourage shoppers to incorporate fermented drinks, colon cleanses, and supplements into their 2020 wellness routines. 

Top related keywords for Gut Health are Gastrointestinal Tract, Ancient Greek Medicine, Leaky Gut, Kombucha, Bacteria, Gut Flora, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Intestinal Permeability, Prebiotic, Microbiota, and Human Microbiota. 

See how our partners are filling their homes with this emerging trend. 




Fur Baby Care | TRENDS IN October

pet care

“Pet Care" peaks March 28 and May 16 as the weather begins to get nicer and pet-owners are seeking to take their fur babies outdoors.

Shoppers are prioritizing their pets to whole new levels. Throw your customers a bone by inspiring them with pet food meal prep plans and DIY pet teepees to pamper their fur babies. 

Top related keywords for Fur Baby Care are Medical History, Background Check, Pet Sitting, Heat Exhaustion, Dog Flea, Hamster, Infestation, Veterinary Medicine, Dog, Veterinary Physician, Heat Stroke, and Guinea Pig. 

See how our partners are filling their homes with this emerging trend. 


WANT TO learn MORE about our 2020 TREND PREDICTIONS?   

For even more year-long planning inspiration—and to see how our trend data and influencer content all tie together—check out the free 2020 Trend Predictions Outlook. Not only does it dive further into these items by showcasing related topics and inspired stories, we also want to share with you an overview of our Brandables product as well as more up-and-coming topics that the experts at Ahalogy predict will peak throughout the whole of 2020.  

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Looking to get your hands on even more seasonal, category, and occasion-based trend data? Check out our library of Trend Outlooks—from summer to holiday and everything in between. 

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There you have it—everything you need to begin planning for the year ahead. Ready to begin? We're happy to help expand on these trends and insights and ensure performance with our unique Brandables solution. Learn more here or contact us directly at