Weekly Musings: Fall-ing for Trends

What's a Weekly Musings you ask? It's a look at this week's top trends. Helping you make data-driven decisions for your content calendar and staying up-to-date on what users are talking about is what it's all about.

We may be in the midst of summer, but these trending topics tell us that your audience already has autumn on their minds. Here's your look at 2017 fall content that's already proven to perform this year.

1. Pumpkin |  118% Week-OVER-Week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

Did you really think autumnal trends wouldn't include this legendary fall flavor? We see that the topics "Pumpkin" begins to trend at the beginning of August. Now's the time to begin planning your fall content and we're here to help with this snapshot on all things pumpkin!

We know that people love the cozy flavor combination most prominently featured in Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but the top-performing pumpkin posts from our talented Partners (below) prove that the unique uses for this ingredient help keep the season interesting—and just as delicious. So, let's dive in on how you can utilize this topic in many different categories...

Food & Drink

It's no surprise that pumpkin is most commonly found in seasonal baked goods—since Cheesecake, Spice, Chocolate, and Bread are among the top related keywords for this popular topic. Featuring your product alongside this seasonal flavor in fall dessert recipes is always a good idea—and is sure to resonate with your audience. Since this fall trend is so widespread, we're also seeing it pop up in savory creations. Sharing a soup, hummus, or chili recipe for Thanksgiving planning can be a new way to inspire consumers—while still giving them a flavor they know they already love!

DIY & Crafts

We know that pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition, but, no-carve & pumpkin painting are becoming more popular with parents.  No-mess, kid-friendly crafts—it's like you're making Mom's dreams come true. Don't worry, creative projects aren't just for kids: Decorating is a top related keyword. Whether it's transforming a front door or creating a table scape worthy of a fall dinner party, there are so many ways that pumpkin can play a role in seasonal decorating and entertaining!


1. apple |  36% week-OVER-week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

What makes this seasonal staple a hit even before the weather cools down? People are finding new ways to use it! We see that apple starts trending at the end of July. Start sharing post featuring apples to make the most of the classic ingredient while it's top-of-mind!

With its refreshing yet comforting flavor, apples are the perfect item for transitioning from summer to fall. And with back-to-school right around the same time, many people start thinking of school-themed decorations and parties featuring this fantastic fruit and then immediately transition it into traditional desserts when fall is in full swing. Discover how you can incorporate your brand into one of apple's many different uses—no matter your category...

Food & Drink

It's no secret that desserts are where apples shine! Hence, Caramel, Butter, Fritter Bread, and Cinnamon are among the top related keywords for this popular topic. But with Cider, Sangria, Pork, and Chicken Salad closely behind, there's really no limit to apple's uses. No matter how you choose to incorporate apple into your fall content planning, it's pretty clear that your audience will appreciate the addition of this ingredient. 

DIY & Crafts

We're all about kid-friendly projects for fall—especially if they use apples or feature the adorable theme. And since DIY, Party, Craft, School, and Activity are top topics for apple, it's clear that other people agree! From teacher welcome gifts to paint stamping using halved apples, there are so many ways to celebrate the start of back-to-school and fall using apple-themed activities!


3. Caramel | 86% year-over-year increase in popularity

We're sure caramel will stick around as a trending topic in the weeks to come—and it's not just because of its ooey-gooey texture! Since caramel starts its upward trek in the beginning of July and continues into the end of December, incorporating a caramel-filled dish into your content calendar is a great, data-driven idea. 

If these inspired stories by our partners (below) show us anything it's that caramel makes everything better—including sweet & savory recipes and hostess ideas. Get inspired for unique ways to incorporate this sticky sauce into a variety of posts—no matter your content category...

Food & Drink

Caramel makes a decadent addition in everyone's favorite desserts and recipes for fall. With Sea Salt, Brownies, Apple, and Popcorn among the top related keywords for this popular topic—and Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese, and Bourbon also along the ranks—there are so many ways to integrate caramel into a dish featuring your product. No matter how you choose to incorporate caramel into your fall content planning, any addition of this ingredient is a smart decision. 

Lifestyle & Entertaining

Making holiday entertaining sweeter is where caramel shines. Whether you post edible gift inspiration featuring homemade candies or even party decorations featuring the cozy, neutral color, caramel has a home in fall planning.


data-driven decision making  

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