Weekly Musings: Cheat Day Content Planning

What's a Weekly Musings you ask? It's a look at this week's top trends. Helping you make data-driven decisions for your content calendar and staying up-to-date on what users are talking about is what it's all about.

Carbs: We love to hate them but their bad rep doesn't stop foodies from indulging in these doughy delicacies. From the sweet to the salty, these baked goods topped the charts this week in terms of engagement.

1. Twinkies |  100% Week-OVER-Week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

We know that nostalgic foods are sparking the interest of shoppers across all platforms—and this cream-filled dessert is no exception! We see that the topic "Twinkies" spikes throughout the year with an incline around the end of August. If you're loving the idea of creating or sharing a throwback recipe using your product, now's the time to begin planning—and this snapshot on all things Twinkies can help!

Our talented Partners (below) prove that the unique uses for this ingredient help keep delicious cheat day treats interesting—and just as delicious. So, let's dive in on how you can utilize this topic—throughout the year. 

Food & Drink

As a childhood classic, Twinkies are making their way back into plenty of homemade treats. Cake, Cupcakes, and Cheesecake are even among the top related keywords for this popular topic. Meaning, shoppers are thinking about how they can transform their favorite sweet snack as a kid into a dessert worthy of a celebration. Take a look at how our partners are using these goodies to make one sweet blast from the past. 



1. Pretzels |  64% week-OVER-week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

From indulgent appetizers to a salty twist on baked goods, pretzels have so many uses—making them perfect for playing a part in your content planning. We see that "Pretzel" has its biggest incline starting in July and peaks in December. Start sharing posts featuring pretzels to make the most of the versatile ingredient is in its prime season!

If these inspired stories by our partners (below) show us anything, it's that pretzels are one delicious go-to indulgent treat—whether we're talking about sweet or savory recipes! Discover how you can incorporate one of pretzel's many different uses into your content calendar...

Food & Drink

Its seems like people are tied when it comes to the most delicious way to enjoy pretzels. Favoring the sweet, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate are among the top related keywords for this popular topic. But with Butter, Homemade, Bites, and Ranch closely behind, there's really no limit to pretzel's uses. No matter how you choose to incorporate pretzel into your planning, it's pretty clear that your audience will appreciate the addition of this ingredient. 



3. Banana Bread | 25% Week-over-Week increase in popularity

There's something about mama's home cooking that has banana bread popping up among the top baked good trends.  Since "Banana Bread" is always in high demand—with spikes at the beginning of September and in the New Year, incorporating a banana bread or banana bread-flavored treat into your posts is a great, data-driven idea. 

With its comforting flavor, these inspired stories from our partners (below) show that banana bread is the perfect homemade treat to indulge in. Whether it's a morning or night treat, there are so many ways you can integrate this evergreen and versatile recipe idea into your planning.

Food & Drink

Banana Bread makes a decadent addition in everyone's favorite indulgent desserts and recipes. With Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Blueberry, and Pumpkin among the top related keywords for this popular topic—and Sweet Cinnamon, Coconut, and Nutella also along the ranks—there are so many ways to integrate the banana bread topic with a mouthwatering twist into a dish featuring your product.


data-driven decision making  

Here at Ahalogy, we love thinking of and discovering new ways to help you use Muse trends on the daily basis. Planning content around this week's trends? Check. ✔️ And if you're curious about how else to use Muse, check out one of our Muse Cases below...

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