Weekly Musings: Back-to-School Dinner Ideas

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The beach towels have been traded in for backpacks as this season’s must-have accessory. That’s right folks, Back to School season is in full swing and parents are searching for classic comfort food recipes to have on the table for when all of the homework is finished. You’re sure to get an A+ by serving up some of these family-friendly trends.

1. Chicken Parmesan |  600% Week-OVER-Week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.48.45 AM.png

This flavorful Italian dish reaches a peak in September when families are transitioning into creating heartier dinnertime meals for their families to enjoy after a long day. ‘Chicken Parmesan’ stays heavily engaged through the autumn, reaching another peak in mid-January. Looking to engage with families who are searching for delicious homemade specialties for many mouths? Look no further than this classic dinner dish!

Let’s face it: you’re busy, and sometimes carry out just sounds easier. It’s no wonder that ‘slow cooker’ is one of the most searched keywords in relation to ‘Chicken Parmesan.’ Toss the ingredients in a crockpot, and by the end of the day, you have a mouthwatering meal and your to-do list completed. One skillet, one pan, and slow cooker are all easy alternatives to slaving away in the kitchen, and still result in a delicious Chicken Parm dish.

Our talented Partners (below) prove that this timeless and delicious meal can be served in a variety of ways on your dinner table. So, let's dive in on how you can utilize this topic for fall and throughout the year. 


2. tuna casserole |  36% week-OVER-week INCREASE IN POPULARITY

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This is one dish that embodies all of the good elements of comfort food: warm, filling and nostalgic. Your favorite dish from childhood is back on-trend, rising in popularity during Back to School season and reaching an ultimate peak in October. Capitalize on this trend for a dinner children and parents alike are loving this fall.

Healthy takes on this creamy, classic recipe have driven heavy engagement this Back to School season. Parents are looking for a guilt-free dinner option that children will still love to munch on after a long day at school. Incorporate some hidden veggies, like broccoli, or whip up a lighter cheese sauce to make the most of this trend.

If these inspired stories by our partners (below) show us anything, it's that tuna noodle casserole is the perfect go-to for busy weeknights! Discover how you can incorporate tuna noodle casserole into many different uses into your content calendar...


3. enchilada | 23% Week-over-Week increase in popularity

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.49.19 AM.png

Nothing brings the family together at the end of the day quite like the gooey cheesiness of an enchilada recipe. Peaking in September, this Back to School staple maintains popularity through the end of October before reaching another peak in January, and then again in May before Cinco de Mayo. This is one dinner that is as easy to create as it is delicious! Keep your families full this fall with a kick flavor that’s sure to please.

With its distinct flavor, these inspired stories from our partners (below) show that enchiladas are one recipe the whole family will love. Whether it's stuffed in a pepper or classically served fresh out of the oven, there are so many ways you can integrate this delicious onto your dinner table.

While enchiladas can be enjoyed in countless ways, chicken enchiladas are ramping up the popularity during Back to School season. Perfect for leftovers or busy nights on-the-go, add in some extra cheese or chicken to benefit the most of your campaign this year.



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