Millennial Shoppers and the Fate (Or Reality) of Retail


By Traci Garcia, Client Success Lead

In the long list of things that Millenials are “killing” these days, many would argue that brick and mortar retail stores are close to the top.

However, research would suggest that Millennials have not given up on the idea of shopping in-store. In reality, 50% say they actually prefer to shop in-store versus online…but with a few caveats.

Millenials have been dubbed the generation of experience. And this rings true for in-store shopping more than anything. For them, shopping is more than a transaction. Instead, they value a personalized, efficient, and cross-channel experience when they shop.

How might a brand do this? For one, start with something close to home—social media. The ever-present smartphone is one of the most impactful ways to reach Millenials. In fact, 84% are actively using their phone while shopping in store. And 53% will use their phone to pull up discounts and offers prior to check-out.

Below are three ways to integrate effective, cross-channel elements into your next shopper campaign:


1. Engage Shoppers before they walk in the door

Before they step foot in the store, Millennials are looking for two things: reviews and recommendations. Social media channels are their most powerful sources, with 81% of shoppers saying that a social post from a friend influenced their purchasing decision.

To take it one step further, consumers are 4x+ more likely to convert on an offer when presented by a trusted advocate. Read: Influencer.

How are brands tapping into this? Influencers are a trustworthy and reliable source who find new ways to connect with your audience. At Ahalogy, we only partner with influencers that match the brand’s aesthetic and messaging. Further, we use paid media and custom targeting on every campaign to ensure the content is reaching the right audience.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.19.39 AM.png


2. Make it easier to find your retailer

While authentic, high-quality content can engage Millennials, a personalized call to action can be the difference between an online window shopper and an in-store customer.

One effective approach is to connect the dots between the product and the participating retailer for Millenials. How you might ask?

Imagine: After reading a post or review about your product, a shopper is able to click a featured image and find the product at a store nearest them—all without leaving the post.

Or what about this situation: Your product is only offered at a number of regional retailers throughout the country. Why not update brand logos dynamically within the post, all based on the location of the reader? Talk about personalization.

Ahalogy has released a number of innovative solutions to make branded content more personalized and actionable—from adding geo-targeted coupons and offers to the influencers’ site, to making the content more discoverable with paid media.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.20.28 AM.png


3. Targeting, Targeting, Targeting….

Remember that personalized, cross-channel experience that Millennials crave? Paid media targeting brings that vision to life.

Social media data and audience targeting has the ability to pinpoint a brand’s target shoppers on many different levels. Not only can brands target their audience based on key demographic information (like age and gender) but also Keyword, Custom Interest, DMA, and shopper behavior...just to name a few.

At Ahalogy, we ensure every impression is hitting the right—and real—audience. Putting paid media behind every post ensures that brands are getting what they pay for, and third-party verification guarantees that the traffic on every campaign is coming from real people—and not a bot or other invalid source.   

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.38.35 AM.png

When it comes down to it, Millenials still consider retail stores to be a valuable part of their shopping experience. But what brands, and even retailers, need to consider are innovative ways to connect with Millenials shoppers at all touch points of the buyer journey—from scrolling through their social media feeds, to the moment they step foot in-store.

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