Introducing Trellis: A Publisher Site to Diversify Influencer Voices


By Samantha Miller, Sales & Marketing Coordinator 

We have something exciting to announce. Today we are unveiling Trellis: a publisher site designed to diversify influencer voices, grow up-and-coming creators, and ultimately give our clients access to an innovative new way to support their Brandables campaigns.   

trellis on desktop

After five years of partnering with influencers and brands, our team uncovered a pretty serious problem in the space: there is little diversity in four main areas, including ethnicity, gender, age, and location. According to, 60% of influencers are caucasian and/or women. Additionally, a study published by revealed that 53% of influencers are between the ages of 21-35.

Here at Ahalogy, we are passionate about supporting our high-quality network of content creators in as many ways as possible. Since Day 1, our mission statement has always been about creating a more valuable ecosystem for both brands and creators, which was partly why the lack of diversity (and growth opportunity for new influencers) was something we felt we needed to help solve.

To create a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem where content creators, brands and end users all win. Creators are successful entrepreneurs. Brands are more meaningful. End users are delighted by the content we help them discover.” – Ahalogy mission statement

Many brands and retailers are seeking more diverse voices to represent them and their audiences. For example, a brand might be looking to partner with a bilingual-Hispanic, middle-aged-female, or a male-lifestyle influencer—all of which are a rarity within the influencer space. Trellis seeks to solve this problem by uncovering and helping to establish new creators on the web that will ultimately bring balance to the influencer marketing space, and create a more well-rounded online ecosystem. 



the faces of trellis 

From left to right: Eric of Blue Collar Prep; Cynthia of SimplyCyn; Candace of Live, Love, Read; and Ariana and Hannah of The Angelinos


With the rollout of Youtube’s new requirements which will ultimately demonetize smaller accounts, and Instagram’s additional tools that favor creators with over 10,000 followers, social media platforms aren’t making it any easier for up-and-coming influencers to excel.

“If we put all of our eggs into the follower basket—as many companies and brands do—we are going to make it impossible for new, talented and diverse creators to emerge,” – kelly killips, vp of creative direction

Content on Trellis will feature new voices, authors, and creators from diverse backgrounds, in addition to influencer-created content from Ahalogy's current network. Trellis will host a mix of brand-sponsored and non-sponsored posts with one central requirement: high-quality content and trend-inspired ideas, which are the cornerstone of every Ahalogy influencer campaign.

In addition to providing brands with more diverse creators and content, Ahalogy will promote and drive traffic to Trellis using paid media, to help brands and up-and-coming influencers reach new audiences. Quality of creative, not following, is what truly drives performance—especially when that creative is amplified to the target audience using paid media.

For more information on how you can use Trellis to grow your influencer marketing efforts, drop us a line at and we’ll follow up with you!