Introducing Ahalogy Muse

As the first quarter of 2017 comes to a close, we’ve got some pretty big news to share.

You may know Ahalogy as that company that works on Pinterest. And you’d be right. In fact, over the past five years, we’ve harnessed our chops on the world’s largest content marketing platform. We helped some of the biggest CPG and retailer brands succeed by combining a unique mix of data-driven insights, creative optimization, and paid amplification.

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve been out to make marketing more meaningful. Which is why we’re incredibly excited to unveil Muse—an industry-first software platform to help leading marketers identify and act on changing trends in their product categories.



Ahalogy Muse is already being used by leading brands to improve social media and email ROI, plan for shopper marketing promotions months in advance, and inform internal R&D projects. The launch comes as Ahalogy grew revenue 50% in the past year and is now a profitable company.

For years, our team has been helping marketers use data to optimize social media campaigns. Time and time again, we’ve seen that the top driver of performance was creating content that matches the timing and volume of what topics people are interested in. For example, Halloween starts trending in August, breakfast is the most engaging topic on weekends, and some of the hottest new food trends are jackfruit (a meat substitute) and sweet potato toast. These are just a few of the things people are discovering in Muse and then applying to their own brand initiatives.

We found that while most marketers use “social listening” software to monitor what people say about their brands, it is very difficult to see bigger picture trends with these solutions. Most listening software taps into Twitter, which has limited use for, say, planning tonight’s dinner or searching for a way to redecorate your home.

As the first tool to bring together both Facebook and Pinterest data in a category-focused solution, Muse is one-of-a-kind and the first in its class. We work with DataSift to access the complete feed of Facebook topic data. The depth and breadth of Facebook activity allows Muse to show daily and weekly changes in trends, and see the demographic and geographic elements that drive them.

Ahalogy is able to present Pinterest data based on its years of work across thousands of accounts as a Pinterest Marketing Partner. Accumulated from Ahalogy’s robust Content Network of more than 5,000 influencers and over 300 million Pins, this vast sample of data goes back more than three years and was allows brands to see how topics perform over time for planning purposes.

In addition to highlighting both Facebook and Pinterest trend data, Muse presents relevant, high-performing content examples for each topic by tapping into its network of over 5,000 premium influencers including Waiting On Martha, By Gabriela, and Damn Delicious. In order to create great content, you need more than word clouds and hash tags, so we inspire our users with examples and imagery that bring the data to life.



Through its beta program in Fall 2016, a handful of brands were able to access Ahalogy Muse and benefit from adjusting their actions to match consumers’ interests. Brittany Gieseke, Marketing Manager at BevMo! said, “I use Muse daily to decide what to post on Facebook and we’re seeing significant improvement in performance.” And Sheila Miller, Senior Project Manager in the Consumer Test Kitchen at Campbell’s says, “We’ve been using Muse to plan ahead our content production, making it easier for us to produce on-trend recipes.”

We’ve been using Muse to plan ahead our content production, making it easier for us to produce on-trend recipes.
— Sheila Miller, Campbell's test kitchen

There are dozens of ways to use Muse—and we’re adding to that list every day as people discover new use cases for the category trends tool. Whether you’re a social media manager searching for the latest and greatest topic of conversation, or a shopper marketing agency planning out the next six months of branded influencer campaigns—Muse can help guide smarter decision making.



We’ve come a long way since those first days back in 2012 when we were just a few people strong with a belief in a little-known social media platform called Pinterest.  And as we plan for the future and continue to develop new products, it’s imperative that we fall back on our original mission statement, that has guided our work throughout our first four and a half years: Ahalogy exists to make the web more meaningful by making creators more empowered, brands more authentic, and content more beautiful—whether that be on social media, at the grocery store shelf, or in your test kitchens. We aim to help marketers uncover the latest trending topics, create high-quality content, and equip you with the toolbox to act on those insights.

Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform. Our trend data is the driving force behind everything we do: From Brandables, our data-driven influencer content product or the work we’re doing for brands on Pinterest. Muse is now available to U.S. brands and agencies and other partners for food & drink categories in the U.S. Over time, we plan to expand beyond the Food & Drink category and geographic presence. Interested brands and partners are invited to request access at


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