How to Increase Performance with Experiential Influencer Campaigns


By Samantha Miller, Sales & Marketing Coordinator 

Experiential marketing is all about creating a positive association between a brand and an experience. It’s a growing trend in the advertising and marketing industries—and a whopping 70% of consumers report that an experiential event converted them into a regular customer. So, why not bring the concept to influencer campaigns?

Earlier this year, we released a new innovation to add an experiential element to our influencer campaigns: Influencer LIVE. (See how we helped leading brands MARS and Mondelez grow campaign engagement for the Super Bowl.) Campaigns that feature an Influencer LIVE activation include a branded experience that allows consumers to interact with influencers.

This branded experience can be executed in a number of ways, and will vary depending on the goals of the campaign. Some examples of how Ahalogy is implementing this new solution include:



Have you ever gone to make a recipe you discovered online only to find that as you’re cooking, you’ve got a question about an ingredient substitution or need help executing one of the more complicated steps? Live Q&A let’s consumers ask the expert influencer who created the content questions via Facebook Messenger and Instagram comments, when they need them answered the most.


2. LIVE Video

Whether it’s through Facebook Live streaming, Snapchat, or Instagram Stories, live video results in real-time engagement  and is a fun, engaging way to connect with your audience and educate them on new usage occasions, product launches, or events. Once the live video is scheduled, we can amplify it with paid social media before and after the video goes live to ensure maximum exposure for your target audience.


3. LIVE Appearance

LIVE appearances bring influencers to the main stage at the most important events for your brand. The possibilities for appearances are endless—from brand sponsored events to product launches, influencers might host an in-person demonstration, meet & greet, or workshop.



Each month, we’re hosting a live Innovation Chat to share the latest product announcements, industry trends, and influencer marketing insights. (Did you catch last month’s chat about retargeting ads for influencer campaigns? If not, watch it here.) This month, we’ll be talking about Influencer LIVE and answering all of your questions about experiential influencer marketing campaigns, like:

  • Why to use influencers to create brand experiences?
  • Should I be working with a celebrity or micro-influencer?
  • How do you use Instagram and other social channels to create live experiences with your brand?
  • How can you measure success from experiential campaigns?

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