Home Decor Trends: Performing Content For DIY & Inspiration

From simple seasonal decor inspiration to groundbreaking renovation projects, content discovery platforms play a central role for consumers. Whether looking to become more trendy, organized, or inspired, these consumers want to transform their home with activities big and small. Marketers can help homeowners and crafty DIY’ers alike by sharing top performing content backed by consumer insights on these platforms.

Below are a few home decor trends and insights, which you can also find in Ahalogy’s Home Decor Trend Report. These can help marketers plan content for the Home Decor category by understanding how and when key items trend throughout the year.

  • Kitchen tops the list as the most popular space to decorate with 51% of search in the Spaces subcategory. Peaking in December, inspirational kitchen designs like this one from The 36th Avenue help show why it’s such a popular topic for users.


  • Thanks to an outpour of New Year’s resolutions, storage ideas peak in January, topping the list of home accents with 42% of search in this category. Consumers’ aspiration to get organized gives marketers the opportunity to provide helpful tips, tricks, and products on how to keep things tidy—like this one from Waiting on Martha.


  • Blue is one of the most popular colors, topping the list with 34% of search in the Color Themes subcategory. This fresh color scheme trends in the summer—when light, breezy design styles are most appealing. Check out this piece of content from The Chronicles of Home to see this decor style in action.


  • Tutorials have become increasingly popular and practical on social media platforms. They’re often in the form of step-by-step instructions and lists of tips to make the user absorb the information quickly. Easy and inexpensive DIY projects are the most popular tutorial, taking up 27% in the budget subcategory. This creative tutorial from AVE Styles is one of our favorites!


Knowing these home decor trends and insights, marketers can provide their users with great content to improve their homes—one inspirational post at a time! For more information on how to put these findings into action, download Ahalogy’s Home Decor Trend Report and contact Ahalogy with any questions about performance content marketing insights and solutions.