Hispanic Consumers & Content: Browsing & Buying Habits

For many marketers, Hispanic consumers are a key audience of interest. In Ahalogy's Media Consumption Study, we sought to better understand Hispanic consumers’ content habits and practices.

It’s no surprise that Hispanic media consumption is growing rapidly. According to our study, about half of Hispanics have been using content discovery platforms, like Pinterest, for more than a year. And over the past year, almost half of Hispanic (45%) consumers indicated their media usage on these platforms has increased.

Not only are Hispanics on content discovery platforms more frequently, they’re using them to replace other media watching like watching television, surfing the internet and engaging in other social media sites—opening a new window of opportunity for marketers to connect with these consumers. They are seeking information on trends, styles, and new things to do/try.

In addition, Hispanic consumers find content discovery platforms more influential in their daily lives (VS the general population), especially when looking for new ideas, learning about new trends and styles, inspiration to do new projects, and trying new things.

Another way Hispanic consumers differ from the general population is how much more heavily they browse the following key content categories on discovery platforms (like Pinterest)::

  • Hair & Beauty— 37% more often

  • Women’s Fashion— 33% more often

  • Gifts—40% more often

  • Photography—44% more often


Hispanic consumers are also a powerful buying force in the market, more than half of whom were influenced to buy something they saw on a content discovery platform. Did you know that Hispanic are more likely than Female Pinners to post social content from other sites and make purchases related to the content they browse?

To better meet changing consumer demographics and habits, leading brands are increasingly turning towards content marketing. Many are already using these insights to strategically create and curate more meaningful content for their Hispanic consumers. Want learn more about how your brand can increase content performance and engagement? Check out our Hispanic Consumer infographic, and visit ahalogy.com/research for more unique content marketing insights.