Our Cyber Monday Gift to You: Download the 2018 Guide to E-Commerce


On the day of all days for online shopping—Cyber Monday—we would be remiss to not talk about e-commerce. Over the past year, Ahalogy has talked to countless clients—ranging from CPG brand managers to shopper marketing agencies—and one topic seems to come up time and time again: We need to figure out e-commerce in 2018.

There are a slew of new products and buzzwords that have emerged in the marketing sphere—shoppable images and feeds, enhanced product pages. From Amazon’s Spark to mobile apps like Cartwheel and ClickList, it seems like there are countless solutions for this e-commerce cloud that’s hanging over all of our heads. So, as a snapshot of our full 2018 E-Commerce Guide (link to download below), we’re sharing with you our learnings on this ever-elusive topic.



Did you know that by 2022, it’s predicted that online purchases will make up 17% of all US retail sales? Assuming you’re already working on an e-commerce strategy, it’s important to understand just how e-commerce can help grow your brand in 2018.

Online discovery and research has become the first step for many shoppers when deciding whether or not to buy a product. It’s no longer enough to go into a store and buy something—consumers are actively looking for new ideas online and have likely researched your brand and product line before ever clicking ‘Add to Cart’.

And yet, most brands aren’t tapping into this opportunity—and it may be because you’re running into some of the following problems…

  • Content on product pages doesn’t always connect or inspire
  • Consumers hesitate to purchase products online
  • Consumers can shift to a new product easily. So, how can my brand stand out and attract more consumer loyalty?




Since we do our best as an influencer marketing and technology-focused company to continually innovate, Ahalogy decided to help our clients tackle this problem head on. Download the 2018 E-Commerce Guide to find:

  • Need-to-know information on the state of e-commerce today. We know that to navigate the current landscape of e-commerce, you’ll need to know how others are solving the above challenges and why e-commerce is so important. (Hint: About 55% of US consumers are now beginning an online product search with Amazon—if you haven’t figured out enhanced content on retailer.com, especially Amazon, you could be missing a major growth opportunity.)
  • Ahalogy’s approach for enhanced content for product pages. Don’t worry—we won’t feed you a set of new challenges without offering up a solution. Through our work with KILZ and Amazon (shown below) you’ll see how we helped increase new product awareness, consumer engagement, and online sales of KILZ Tribute on Amazon through authentic content utilized through the product page and other social platforms.


  • Ahalogy’s solution for shoppable content. Since e-commerce is the new discovery, by looking at our Brandables solutions you can help consumers discover and buy your products by featuring content ideas and inspiration in social, digital, or native ad placement. All while gaining guaranteed impressions that are reaching a real audience through our Tri-Verified approach.
  • Finally, how you can activate your own 2018 e-commerce program using a unique mix of category trend data, high-quality influencer content, verified audience targeting, and one of the ROI solutions listed above.  



plan ahead now for 2018 

 Intrigued? Interested in learning more? Feeling like you’re starting to grasp the e-commerce beast? Click below to download the full 2018 E-Commerce Guide!

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