Canadian Consumers: Content Browsing & Buying Habits

Did you know that more than ⅓ of Canadian consumers joined a content discovery platform in the past year (and more than half having joined in the last 6 months)? Marketers are taking notice and refining their marketing strategy more towards content.

In Ahalogy’s Media Consumption Study, we wanted to learn more about Canadian consumers’ content browsing and buying habits. Below are a few interesting  insights into how Canadian consumers compare with their southern neighbors.

  • Gender: 78% of Canada-based consumers are female (vs. 80% in US)

  • Age: 77% under 44 years old (73% in US)

  • Marital status: 31% single (33% in US)

  • Kids: 53% do not have children (36% in US)

  • Education: 11% no college, 72% started or completed undergrad, 17% grad school (in US, 20% no college, 15% grad school)

  • Employment: 73% employed part or full-time /8% students (60% employed full or part time in US)

  • 34% of consumers are early adopters (42% in US)

  • Highly Mobile: Most own mobile devices (86% vs 85% in US), while only half of Canadian consumers own desktops

Usage is key to success on the content discovery platforms—the more time spent on the site, the more opportunities marketers have to get their content seen. Among Canadians, 50% of consumers use these sites 2-3 times a week or more, and 25% do so at least once a day. Also, discovery platforms like Pinterest are second only to Facebook in weekly reach—leaving a wide gap of possibilities for brands to engage with this demographic.

Weekly Reach

  • Pinterest: 62%   

  • Facebook: 89%   

  • Twitter: 45%   

  • Instagram: 41%   

  • all other social media sites: 46%   

Among Canadians spending at least 20 minutes per visit, Pinterest tops the other sites.

% of People Spending 20 Minutes or more on the Site

  • Pinterest: 52%   

  • Facebook: 50%   

  • All other social media sites: 27%   

  • Instagram: 22%   

  • Twitter: 18%

As more and more Canadians join social content platforms(35% in the last year), members are evenly split between early adopters and traditional consumers. Below are the top five categories Canadian consumers are browsing.


Discovery platforms play a similar role for Canadians as Americans in terms of replacing traditional and digital media—making it easier for marketers to relate to this segment.

  • Roughly same percent of Canadian consumers are replacing print media with content discovery platforms (45%-55%)

  • Roughly same percent of Canadian consumers are replacing search engines or social media with content discovery platforms (36-39% Canada)

Similar content categories do best in Canada, with some subtle differences.    

  • Most popular categories both in Canada and the U.S.are (in order of popularity) Food & Drink and DIY & Crafts   

  • In Canada, Health & Wellness is more popular than in the U.S.    

  • In Canada, Holidays & Events is less popular than in the U.S.    

Marketers in Canada are quickly taking notice with the rise of content marketing, refining and tailoring their content strategies to be more meaningful, relevant and useful. To learn more about many other content marketing insights on content trends among your consumers, download Ahalogy’s Media Consumption Study and our category trend reports at As always, if you would like more information on how you can increase your content performance and engagement, contact us!