Campaign Spotlight: Johnsonville Flame Grilled Sausages

By Autumn Grace Peterson, Copywriter

Thanks to Johnsonville®, shoppers can experience great grilled flavor rain or shine. For this photography-only social media campaign, Johnsonville® wanted to drive awareness for their grilling alternative among Albertsons Family of Stores shoppers. These Johnsonville® microwavable Flame Grilled Sausages have all the taste of summer grilling without the grill. With the help of Ahalogy's premium, hand-selected influencer network and innovative social media content, the campaign surpassed brand goals and drove product awareness.

Check out the stellar content our network of influencers created for this campaign:


Cozy cook

Johnsonville-Gourmet-Spread-10 (2)   Johnsonville-Flame-Grilled-Sausage-All-American-Theme-16 (1)

by Cozy Cook


Honey + Birch

johnsonville-4 (1)   johnsonville-13 (1)

by Honey + Birch


Pass the Sushi


by Pass the Sushi


Savvy Saving Couple

Johnsonville 10   Johnsonville 6

by Savvy Saving Couple


SMile Sandwich

Johnsonville Flame Grilled Sausage-7 (1)  Johnsonville Flame Grilled Sausage-11 (1)

by Smile Sandwich


Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

Chicago Style Sausage-1-4 (1)  Chicago Style Sausage-1

by Strawberry Blondie Kitchen


The Johnsonville® Flame Grilled Sausage campaign not only exceeded the brand's goals, it also helped uncover new insights. For instance, since the campaign used pre-grilled sausages, Influencers were able to ornament the sausages with a variety of toppings ranging from Greek to Chicago style with ease.

On top of all the creativity, the campaign surpassed several of Ahalogy’s benchmarks. For Facebook, the project exceeded Ahalogy’s benchmark by 2x and the engagement rate 2x. The campaign also performed highly on Pinterest, outperforming internal click-through rate benchmarks by 3x and the engagement rate benchmarks by 5x.

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