Breakfast Content Trends: The Most Important Meal Of The Day

For brands, exploring content marketing is as natural in a morning routine as getting a cup of coffee. Whether stuck in traffic, waiting for the train or having a quick meal, marketers are brainstorming useful content to fills in the gaps. And with consumers seeking easier, healthier, or more delicious ways to start their day, even marketers know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Everyone has a different way of approaching breakfast. Busy parents may aim for easy recipes that their kids will enjoy, while young professionals desire everything from on-the-go meal ideas to thoughtful dishes they can serve to brunch guests on the weekend. Knowing how best to reach your consumers starts with the right content, so they can integrate it into their routine as they are searching for it.

For an in-depth look at morning meal insights, check out Ahalogy’s Breakfast Trend Report, as well as some of our delicious findings below.

  • Classic Breakfast content like bacon and hash browns are most popular in July, peaking right before school begins in the Fall with 9% and 5% of the search results—leaving the opportunity to make relevant, back-to-school breakfast recipes, like this shredded tater cupcake by Home & Plate, to help busy parents plan ahead for the upcoming months.
  • With 17% of search results in the Ingredients subcategory, banana is the most popular morning ingredient, peaking most frequently throughout the year and making it a staple in sweet breakfast creation content you’re looking to post! Check out this banana cream pie smoothie recipe fromRunning with Spoons for more fruity inspiration.
  • Peaking in August, overnight is the most popular way consumers prepare for early morning meals—making up almost 40% of the Planning Ahead Pins. This surge in pre-back-to-school organization opens the door for parents to find helpful, easy, and time-saving morning content—like this overnight apple fritter french toast casserole recipe from I Heart Eating!