Brandables Spotlight: September 2019


By Autumn Grace Peterson, Copywriter

Summer has ended and class is in session. We're totally falling for all of the incredible Brandables campaigns that were published during the month of September. Full of delicious coffee pairings, fiesta-worthy salsa recipes, school-time stock ups, and more, this influencer content set shoppers up to be true class acts.

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Starbucks at absco

What better way to start your day? This influencer marketing campaign inspired shoppers to pour a little more attention into their morning cup of joe by pairing their favorite Starbucks blend with suitable sweet or savory options. 

224ba2e1-63a4-443b-9fd1-4050c3a575e1-mochameringuesstarbuckscoffee4  82eeb02f-81da-43be-a6db-d251eefc50a1-mochameringuesstarbuckscoffee14  89162472-55bc-4a71-aa0d-e5c4c460e3eb-mochameringuesstarbuckscoffee10

Easy Mocha Meringues by Club Crafted

145620bf-9e57-4cce-97a4-fc5c9b47e98d-starbucksmorningblend18  0c03d6f6-2332-4e01-bdfb-28cb7f583b5f-starbucksmorningblendacme  

Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal + New Starbucks Sweet Mornings Coffee by Sincerely Katerina

356411da-8f09-41a2-a82b-ce4a4b18cca4-quinoa breakfast bowls 31  02e132fd-e3c0-4752-a759-6b439a499334-quinoa breakfast bowls 21  

Savory Morning Start with Starbucks and Crispy Quinoa Breakfast Bowls by JZ Eats


la victoria salsa

This influencer campaign treated shoppers to a food fiesta! The following stand-out influencer content encouraged shredded chicken taco nights, chips and salsa snack boards, and an empanada spread. Muy bien!

  09a138c9-e7eb-49a1-a031-82791ea0c02e-Crockpot Salsa Chicken Recipe (8 of 13)  7b10e55b-c90d-4c28-9d31-f83107145f60-Crockpot Salsa Chicken Recipe (13 of 13)  dd98ec56-9dc5-41c3-9669-a6e91828b980-Crockpot Salsa Chicken Recipe (9 of 13)

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken by Confessions of a Baking Queen 

514f76e3-f386-4334-a191-0771c15389ec-la victoria salsa and chips board 13 . 031ea006-919a-4b67-bf3e-f34f2e732eed-la victoria salsa and chips board 9

Fiesta-Inspired Snack Platter by Gift of Hospitality 

Salsa  Salsa 2  salsa 3

Poblano Enchilada Chicken Empanadas by Cake 'N Knife


absco stock-up sale

End of summer, school, and a killer sale had shoppers stocking up on all of the essentials at ABSCO. These premium influencers inspired shoppers to create scrumptious and snack-able taco cups, easy and convenient no-bake cheesecake, and refreshing coffee creations—all made using ingredients from their normal weekly grocery run.  

1e0d22a1-19f2-41d7-a383-8e31a0762eeb-TheSpeckledPalateVegetarianTacoCupsAllProducts02  38312999-30c9-40a1-bfce-f69f154bc43e-TheSpeckledPalateVegetarianTacoCupsSprinklePhoto  d7d911f6-9d25-4f28-a476-d96adca7d484-TheSpeckledPalateVegetarianTacoCupsAllProducts04

Vegetarian Taco Cups by The Speckled Palate

 albertsons-18  69bf0425-ff21-40d5-b59c-6c68a0eab314-albertsons15  

No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups by All Things Mamma

b7798125-9363-440f-a841-9340c8c8e47c-smorescoffee (3 of 16)   bc34abe0-b298-4702-9caf-39c6d6386a63-smorescoffee (10 of 16)   c5060ddd-2aa3-4a63-9e62-f065f81e84d0-smorescoffee (8 of 16)

S'mores Coffee by Life a Little Brighter 


Kiwi shoe care at target 

This influencer social media campaign helped shoppers truly put their best foot forward. Whether it be for back-to-school,  international travels, or simply keeping shoppers' white kicks fresh, these influencers inspired customers to protect their favorite footwear.

6339058a-36ef-4187-95b9-202d2c13737b-julie 1   84f3a744-d6cb-43f7-a5a8-da837c3342d4-julie 2   85d4951a-1baf-4844-8b87-b8d0cffe2335-julie 4

by The Girl in the Red Shoes

04fccc5c-13c1-4c65-a978-822dbf19ae56-D07DB7A151744FFC9FD9A579F2AAAE36   b6a8aa2c-d2a5-48b2-9bea-bb4a219b3367-253BB904985B430989D1C09419392771

by XO Jasmine

0d0f4721-2638-4ea0-bd15-0b9ae155c109-IMG_9936  52f8a917-7832-494c-bd7f-3b7d3be01b22-kiwi1   c0ace716-4ffd-4601-b898-a411a9ed1fce-Belem Tower Lisbon Travel Guide best things to see in Lisbon  My Style Vita2

by My Style Vita

Johnson & Johnson kid's hair at wegmans 

From bath time to a school rush, this campaign pampered audiences with opportunities to baby their babies. Using Johnson & Johnson Kid's at Wegmans, our influencers had shoppers cheering "detangled hair, don't care!"

Johnson  Johnson 4365   Johnson  Johnson 4413   Johnson  Johnson 4386

by Elisabeth McKnight

483D04BDB46D4397A94BB44A57388EA7  October Social 2 (3)

by Hanging with the Harrells


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