Brandables Spotlight: October 2019


By Autumn Grace Peterson, Copywriter

We're totally falling for all of the awe-inspiring autumn Brandables campaigns that were published during the month of October. This month's content was full of fall-inspired recipes, colder weather germ preparation, and more. We fully be-leaf this influencer content motivated shoppers to live their fall to the fullest.

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Special K + Light N' Fit At Target

What better way to start your day? This influencer marketing campaign inspired shoppers to whip up a stack of pancakes made with pumpkin spice and everything nice. This healthier alternative includes rolled oats, Vanilla Light n' Fit greek yogurt, and pumpkin puree—all topped off with Special K Pumpkin Spice cereal toppings. 

Easy Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes HiRes9  Easy Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes HiRes10  

Easy Oatmeal Pancakes by Jar of Lemons    


J&J Kids Hair At WegMans

From bath time to the before-school rush, this campaign pampered audiences with opportunities to baby their babies. Using Johnson & Johnson Kid's at Wegmans, our influencers had shoppers cheering "detangled hair, don't care!"

Johnson  Johnson 4370   Johnson  Johnson 4386-1

by Elisabeth Mcknight


Nestlé Clasico At Walmart

We're huge flans of this traditional dessert recipe! Ale and Tere shared her long-held family recipe for flan, centered around the perfect pairing of Nestlé Clásico from Walmart. 

IMG_9319  IMG_9363

The Best Flan Recipe and Holiday Memories by Ale and Tere


American Greetings Paper Thread At Dollar General

Cards can be long-term keepsakes for any occasion, which is why Fun Money Mom seeks quality in her messages (and conveniently, they're affordable too!). By stopping by her local Dollar General for American Greetings Paper Thread, this influencer shared how she is able to select from a wide variety of greeting cards for any occasion. 

Wedding Card With Champagne  LR 22

Paper Thread: High Quality Cards at a Price You'll Love by Fun Money Mom


MUCinex Kids

Germs: they're everywhere—which really isn't convenient when Ale and Tere and her daughter are running from school, to dance rehearsal, to soccer practice. This influencer shared why she keeps Mucinex® Junior Cold and Flu Caplets and Mucinex® Junior Cough and Congestion Caplets on hand for any time illness strikes. 

768e9f6f-be24-4be3-b2ae-0c225439384f-IMG_9006  a4848ccc-2f52-4977-b5d3-f96d51e36e47-IMG_8991   

Busy Schedules and Relief On the Go by Ale and Tere


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