Brandables Spotlight: August 2018


By Katie Cattell, Copywriter

Summer may be winding to a close, but we're not about to let that slow us down. We ramped up Brandables production during the month of August. Ranging from drool-worthy food and drink posts to aspirational lifestyle content, these Brandables examples helped consumers discover new product usage occasions, prep for back-to-school season, and celebrate the end of summer in style. P.S., if you haven't yet heard the news, Ahalogy and Quotient recently earned the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) 'Certified Against Fraud' Seal. This is just one more step in our ongoing effort to combat follower fraud on influencer campaigns. 



These influencers' secret to effortless summertime skincare? Cetaphil skincare products, of course! Morning, noon, and night, these beauty Brandables campaigns gave consumers easy tips for incorporating Cetaphil into their everyday routine.

Cetaphil 1  Cetaphil 2  Cetaphil 3

Cetaphil: Gentle Skin Care Products at Target by Poor Little It Girl

Cetaphil 4  Cetaphil 5 Cetaphil 6

Finding Ways to Incorporate 'Me Time' into a Busy Day by Wishes and Reality

Cetaphil 7  Cetaphil 8  Cetaphil 9

My #1 Secret Weapon for Healthy Skin by Leopard Martini


Bai + Kroger

Bai Antioxidant Infusion Drinks aren't just for sipping! Faced with the challenge of getting creative with this classic summertime drink, these Ahalogy Partners stepped up to the plate and created a variety of flavor-packed recipes using Bai as the base.

Bai 1  Bai 2  Bai 3

Blueberry Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad by One Armed Mama

Bai 4  Bai 6  Bai 5

Blueberry Coconut Lime Popsicles by The Fitchen


Bai 9  Bai 8  Bai 7

Vegan & Gluten-Free Blueberry Five Bean Salad by Emilie Eats


Renew Life + amazon

Haven't you heard? Gut health is glamorous, especially when our Ahalogy Partners are in charge of the creative! This Brandables campaign used stunning imagery and easy life hacks to promote Renew Life Probiotics to health-conscious consumers and their families.

Renew Life 1  Renew Life 2  Renew Life 3

Back-to-School Wellness & Benefits of Probiotics by Simply Every

 Renew Life 5  Renew Life 4  Renew Life 6

A Great Way to Start off the Day by Sincerely Jean

 Renew Life 7  Renew Life 8  Renew Life 9

Mimic Mommy: 5 Ways to Set a Healthy Example for Your Kids by Elizabeth McKnight


Can Manufacturers Institute

Canned foods might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Instagrammable food. However, our Ahalogy Partners are on a mission to change that perception. Created in partnership with the Cans Manufacturers Institute, this Brandables campaign takes pantry staples and turns them into gourmet cooking essentials.

cans 1  cans 2  cans 3

Mediterranean One-Pot Pasta by Sunkissed Kitchen

cans 5  cans 4  cans 6

Pumpkin Cranberry Fudge by Imagelicious

cans 8  cans 7  cans 9

Biscuit-Topped Vegetarian Pot Pie by The Live-In Kitchen


mam + walmart

Oh baby, oh baby. We dare you not to fall in love with this Brandables campaign from MAM and Walmart. Targeted at moms with young babies, our Ahalogy Partners shared how they fit MAM pacifiers and bottles into their families' routine.

mam 1  mam 3  mam 2

Baby Talk: 7 Tips for Helping Babies with Acid Reflux by Glitter Inc

mam 5  mam 4  mam 6

Why I Gave Pacifiers to My Babies by Salty Canary

mam 7  mam 8  mam 9

My MAM Pacifier and Bottle Review by Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins


Mondelez + Target

Back-to-school season means back to lunch prep. Luckily, Mondelez has plenty of family-favorite brands to choose from. Armed with GLAD storage containers and plenty of kid-approved foods, this Brandables campaign gave consumers a list of meal-prep tips and back-to-school lunch ideas to help even the busiest of parents through the fall season.

bts 1  bts 2  bts 3

Save Time! Meal-Prep Tips for Kids' Lunches by Life a Little Brighter

bts 4  bts 5  bts 6

Back-to-School Lunch Ideas by A Lulu the Baker

bts 9  bts 7  bts 8

Back-to-School Lunches at Target by A Life of a Sister



Armed with a trendy color palette and an eye for design, our Ahalogy Partners teamed up with KILZ to show audiences that there's more than one way to add a fresh coat of paint to their homes. From a millennial pink dresser to a striped staircase makeover, these influencers proved that choosing a quality product like KILZ is an essential step in any DIY home makeover project.

kilz 1  kilz 2  kilz 3

DIY Armoire Cabinet Makeover with Chalk Paint by Salty Canary

Kilz 4  kilz 5  kilz 4

How to Paint Stairs & the Striped Staircase Makeover by Deeply Southern Home


brita + walmart

Capitalizing on the back-to-school rush for college students, this Brandables campaign with Brita and Walmart showed consumers that the Brita water pitcher is a must-have item for any dorm or first-apartment shopping list.

brita 1  brita 2  brita 3

Tools for Mastering the College Kitchen by Thou Swell

brita 4  brita 5  brita 6

College Survival Kit with Printable by Dukes and Duchesses 


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