Brandables Spotlight: April 2018


By Megan Dobberteen , Copywriter

This April we're taking the opportunity to showcase a snapshot of some of the Brandables content that went live in March. Here to help inspire your future campaigns, keep reading for a picture of some of the trend-inspired posts, stunning photography, and meaningful brand mentions we had to opportunity to help achieve.  


Oreo Thins + Kroger 

This fun new product was the perfect inspiration for snack recipes and easy entertaining ideas—like hosting a Girls' Night In. With the help of Muse trend data, influencers paired this snack food with trending topics like "Milkshake" and "Trail Mix". 

oreo-thins-bites-shake-craft-night-11  mint-oreo-thins-shake-craft-night-6  mint-oreo-thins-shake-craft-night-10

Oreo Thins Bites Shake Recipe + Craft Night by Alice and Lois

Oreo-Thin-Bites-18  Oreo-Thin-Bites-24  Oreo-Thin-Bites-5

Simple 5-Ingredient Trail-Mix by Simply Sabrina 

Oreo-Thin-Bites-Beauty-Shot-3-768x1152  Sparkling-Rose-Mint-Cocktail-Image-768x1152  Oreo-Thin-Bites-Beauty-Shot-2-768x1152

Girls Night with Oreo Thins Bites by Cake n Knife


Tom's of Maine + Target 

Whether you're jetting off on an adventure or simply trying to make the most of your morning routine, this content featuring Tom's of Maine at Target is sure to inspire. See how trend-driven ideas like travel bag essentials and morning rituals helped bring the products to life. 

AH3Shoots-7-of-53  IMG_5165-2  IMG_5148

How to Look Fresh After a Flight by Advice from a 20 Something

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6 Ways to Get an Afternoon Energy Boost by Hello Glow

Target-9286  to-do-before-your-kids-get-up-6501  Target-9277

4 Things To Do in the Morning Before the Kids Wake Up by Elisabeth McKnight


Kemps Probiotic Milk

We already knew probiotics were a hot health trend—thanks to Muse, of course!—but the  influencers who created this gorgeous breakfast content really took it to the next level. From power smoothies to overnight oats to muesli, your breakfast routine is sure to get a fresh makeover thanks to this content. 

toasted-coconut-banana-chocolate-muesli-mix  toasted-coconut-banana-chocolate-muesli-pour  toasted-coconut-banana-chocolate-muesli-top

Toasted Coconut, Banana, & Chocolate Muesli by Destination Delish

Probiotic-Mango-Berry-Tropical-Smoothie-Recipes-4  Probiotic-Mango-Berry-Tropical-Smoothie-Recipes-6  Probiotic-Mango-Berry-Tropical-Smoothie-Recipes-5

Probiotic Mango Berry Smoothie Recipe by A Simple Pantry

Apple-Spice-Overnight-Oats-The-Live-In-Kitchen-1  Apple-Spice-Overnight-Oats-The-Live-In-Kitchen-5  Apple-Spice-Overnight-Oats-The-Live-In-Kitchen-6

Apple Spice Overnight Oats by The Live-In Kitchen


Clorox + Walmart 

This Brandables campaign came just in time for consumers with spring cleaning on the brain. See how Clorox inspired shoppers with easy cleaning tips, product roundups, and printable checklists at Walmart. 

clorox-spring-cleaning-tips-3  clorox-spring-cleaning-tips-1  clorox-spring-cleaning-tips-10

Spring Cleaning Tips by Alice and Lois

free-printable-cleaning-routine  cleaning-caddy-hack  how-often-clean-bathroom

How to Clean Your House Faster by Must Have Mom 


7UP + Dollar General 

It's almost time for grilling season and summer parties, so it only makes sense that consumers are loving these tasty recipes, using 7UP in some flavorful new ways. Check out this tasty collaboration with 7UP and Dollar General.

7UP-Baked-Honey-Lime-Chicken-Wings-Recipe-2  7UP-Baked-Honey-Lime-Chicken-Wings-Recipe-5  7UP-Baked-Honey-Lime-Chicken-Wings-Recipe-23

Baked Honey Lime Chicken Wings by The Gracious Wife

7UP-Marinade-for-Steak_HMI-vertical-3  7UP-Marinade-for-Steak_HMI-process  7UP-Marinade-for-Steak_HMI-vertical-2

7UP Steak Marinade by Homemade Interest


Silk + Kroger Banner Stores 

Love trying out new breakfast recipes? You'll love this fun branded content from Silk and Kroger Banner Stores. Influencers took trending ideas like Cold Brew Coffee and Overnight Oats and turned them into something special with the help of Silk Prebiotic Almond Cashew Milk.


carrot_cake_overnight_oatmeal_1  carrot_cake_overnight_oatmeal  carrot_cake_overnight_oats_hero

Carrot Cake Overnight Oatmeal by The Roasted Root

Prebiotic-Cold-Brew-Latte-4  Prebiotic-Cold-Brew-Latte-3-copy  Prebiotic-Cold-Brew-Latte-10

Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee Latte by Health Starts in the Kitchen


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