Ahalogy Announces Custom Audience Retargeting On Every Influencer Campaign


By Samantha Miller, Sales & Marketing Coordinator 


Retargeting, an advertising method that shows your ads to visitors who previously visited a site, can boost ad response up to 400 percent.  Of those website visitors who were retargeted with display ads, a whopping 70 percent are more likely to convert on your website.)

To help brands reach a qualified audience, increase conversion and make the most of their campaigns, Ahalogy is releasing its latest innovation for influencer marketing: retargeting and custom audience creation for every Ahalogy Brandables campaign.

At Ahalogy, we’ve always cared about reaching the right audience. Last June, Ahalogy unveiled its third-party verification solution, Tri-Verified. Not only is Tri-Verified the first—and still only—influencer solution to validate all traffic and engagement with a third-party source, we’re also the only ones that guarantee you reach your target audience  for every single campaign.

We add third party tracking for a number of reasons, but to put it simply: We make sure our clients are getting what they pay for and validate we reached the right audience. The traffic our campaigns accumulate should on-target and unclouded with bots or purchased followings.  



Brands and retailers know that every interaction counts and purchase decisions often occur outside of the traditional store setting. Users are interacting on their social platforms, browsing for new recipes, and shopping for their next project every day. Once a user has expressed interest in your product or brand, continuing to deliver new, useful & engaging content will yield better results & continued loyalty.

And it won’t cost anything extra for clients who request it on their next campaign. Retargeting is simply an extension of the amplification plan  already being implemented on every Brandables campaign. After every campaign goes live, Ahalogy’s creative team of copywriters and designers optimize the content for paid amplification on social and/or display.

Instead of relying on cookies that aren’t always accurate and can cause overlap, we target real individuals by adding pixels on each influencer’s blog post. These pixels identify people by their social ID who have engaged by clicking on the paid ad and viewed the blog post. This begins to build a custom audience of people who’ve engaged with your brand and content. We leverage this data in our paid amplification for future influencer campaigns, to remarket to visitors across all their devices and actively target individuals who might be interested in your products. This also avoids wasting budget or paid impressions on the wrong audience.

We are then able to use this audience in the current campaign to influence purchase and increase engagement, create act-a-likes to reach and convert new users, or save the audiences and re-engage lapsed users on future campaigns. For future campaigns, we will retarget the people who previously expressed interest in your brand or product, in addition to growing your brands’ custom audience with new, engaged consumers.

By retargeting users that have previously engaged with the influencer’s content, we can keep your brand top of mind, increase engagement, and build a custom audience that grows with every Brandables campaign.

Ready to begin mapping out the details of your next influencer campaign? We’d love to help. Request a custom proposal today at ahalogy.com./contact.