The Ahalogists' Guide to Visiting Cincinnati

It’s been said that traveling with your taste buds is the best way to explore a new town. And here in the Queen City we happen to agree! Maybe it's because Cincinnati boasts a wide variety of unique eateries, local cuisine (chili on spaghetti, we’re looking at you), and craft breweries, or because here at Ahalogy we love to discover how food trends make an impact, but we can't help feeling proud to call Cincinnati (and all of its delicacies) home.

In fact, we’re about to celebrate five years of being a part of the Start Up Cincy community. As Ahalogy embarks on its next five years, we can't help but feel thankful that our anniversary coincides with Cincinnati's very own Start Up Week. As people make their way to  the brand marketing capital of the world for everything from Brandemonium to Demo Day at The Brandery, we’d like to pay a little tribute to this great city by welcoming its newcomers—whether you’re new to town or just passing through. This guide brings together home-grown bites and Muse category trend data for one delicious and inspiring combination.

1. German Beer

According to Muse seasonal trend data, "Beer" is an evergreen topic that trends throughout the year, experiencing a peak in popularity in February when Game Day menus and Super Bowl recipes are top-of-mind. Top related keywords include Cheese, Soft Pretzels, and Slow Cooker.

Your trip to Cincinnati wouldn't be complete without taking advantage of the beer scene. Thanks to Cincinnati's German roots, we've got plenty of breweries choose from.  Braxton, Madtree Brewing Co., and the rooftop patio at Rhinegeist are among some of our favorite spots to enjoy the time-honored tradition of inspired ales, delicious IPA’s, and classic brews.

To wet your tastebuds—and give you a peek into our talented network of high-quality influencers—here are some of our favorite inspired stories found in Muse featuring German Beer. They may even spark some ideas for your next campaign—whether they’re infused with beer or perfect for pairing!



According to Muse seasonal trend data, the topic "Chili" experiences a peak in popularity in mid-October, when people begin gearing up for colder temperatures and comfort food recipes. Top related keywords include Game Day, Hot Dog, and Cornbread.  

The debate over chili eateries is legendary in the Queen City. If you feel like getting in on the heated dispute, head over to the nearest Skyline or Gold Star to see where you stand! Or try out Camp Washington Chili, Pleasant Ridge Chili, or Price Hill Chili for some more local spots you can enjoy our favorite comfort food.

Plus, if you want to do like the Cincinnatians do, here are some of our favorite inspired stories found in Muse that you can make at home as a nice base for spaghetti. 



It's no surprise that the topic "Ice Cream" trends during the summer. According to Muse seasonal trend data, the topic experiences a peak in popularity in mid-July, when the weather is the hottest. Top related keywords include Homemade, Dessert, and Chocolate.  

On your Cincinnati food tour, don't forget to save room for dessert! Every city has a local ice cream spot that they can brag about, but here in Cincy we not only have one around every corner, but our most famous spot is Oprah-approved—now that’s hard to beat. Graeter's (we recommend the Raspberry Chocolate Chip), Aglamesis Brothers, and Buzzed Bull Creamery are among some of the biggest hitters in the city.

Still not convinced? Maybe these inspired influencer stories listed below will ignite a craving for this cold and creamy treat. 



Don't leave town without a six-pack of your favorite local beer.  Check out this Fruity Fudgy Beer Blondies made with Rhinegeist's very own Peach Dodo. This hoppy treat created by one of our talented influencers, Sarah Makes Stuff, is just one tasty example of Ahalogy's unique influencer marketing solution called Brandables.

  • Fruity+Fudgey+Beer+Blondies+-+Sarah+Makes+Stuff-2.png
  • Fruity+Fudgey+Beer+Blondies+-+Sarah+Makes+Stuff-1.png
  • Fruity+Fudgey+Beer+Blondies+-+Sarah+Makes+Stuff.png

So how is our solution different from the rest? We begin every campaign with trend data and insights found in Muse (like the ones you see above) to drive the strategy and content ideas. Then we pair our clients with influencers who already know and love their brand (authenticity is important to us here) and they create high-quality photography, video, and/or written content that's not only fun to look at, but useful to the reader.

Our trend data—paired with 100% paid media for guaranteed reach and accurate targeting—ensures that your content will be seen by the right eyes.  Our talented and creative pool of influencers ensure that your branded content will be both useful and inspiring—like using Rhinegeist in a new way by adding a splash of beer to your favorite baked goods. 

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