Social-Influencer Industry Trends to Watch in 2020


By Autumn Grace Peterson, Copywriter

New year, new trends! Hindsight may be 20/20 but thanks to this list of upcoming trends for the Social-Influencer industry, your brand can stay ahead of the curve in the year ahead. We’re giving you the rundown on what the new year has in store for exciting new creative content, emerging audiences, platforms to pay attention to, measurement solutions to focus on, and more.



The Trend: Motion-Led Ad Creative is the #1 performer across Social platformS

What we’re seeing...

Don't let your brand get lost in the static! Motion-led ad creative has emerged as a top performer across Social this year, and we predict this trend will continue to grow in the year ahead. Facebook recently released new benchmarks showcasing a +28% increase in Brand Recall and a +16% increase in Purchase Intent when GIF ads were featured on users’ mobile feeds.

This “snackable” ad format is appealing to both users who want to consume content in bite-size moments and brands who want to reach consumers with idea-driven content that converts. Ads with Motion can help tell a story, reinforce your brand, and show step-by-step tutorials in a more digestible format. As a result, GIF ads are gaining higher algorithm rankings—which means higher reach (and more content views).

How Ahalogy is Innovating

How to Keep White Sneakers White by My Style Vita

How to Keep White Sneakers White by My Style Vita

Butterfinger S'Mores Bar by Homemade Interest

Butterfinger S'Mores Bar by Homemade Interest


We present to you: the GIF ad! Our best-in-class in-house Creative Team can turn branded influencer photography into snackable GIF ads that lead to higher completion and view ratesaka, a longer impression! From simple recipe content to beauty tutorials, we’re adding animation, motion, and trend-driven overlays to ads for Facebook, Instagram, and more. 100% paid media across platforms ensures every impression is reaching the right audience.



The Trend: To Reach Gen-Z, Video Platforms are More Important than Ever


What We’re Seeing...

Video killed the TV star. Marketers are investing less in television as media dollars continue to shift to online video buys. Why the marketing move? Younger audiences aren’t watching traditional television. They’re consuming shows, movies, and other digital content on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Take Gen-Z, for example. They're now the largest demographic group in the US, at 26% of the population. This younger audience is investing more time in video-centric platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and more.

Ahalogy's Innovation



We are currently testing new Online Video (OLV) ad placements, using influencer-created videos on YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook Watch, and more. Ahalogy influencer video ads have consistently delivered high view rates (longer impressions) across Social. And those impressions can lead to measurable sales impact. A recent Ahalogy campaign resulted in $134K incremental total product sales and a whopping $1.9M total store sales directly tied to Ahalogy video ads across platforms. Now that’s a solid reason to invest in influencer video.



The Trend: Unique Reach (not clicks & engagements) is the true driver of sales

What We’re Seeing...

Clicks just aren't clicking for the influencer marketing industry anymore. Recent studies have shown that there is <1% correlation between engagements on Social and sales. Platforms are catching on, too. Instagram is changing the way influencers are using Social by experimenting with banning likes, while reports show that engagement rates are dropping. Facebook also released a provoking study showing that reach is the most important KPI for brands looking to drive business results at scale.

So, without clicks or engagement as an indicator, how can brands confirm they're reaching their audience? According to Forbes and TimeTrade, awareness and unique reach are a must for driving sales since consumers are still spending more dollars in-store than online—despite the growth in online shopping.

paid creative-09How Ahalogy is Innovating

At Ahalogy, we optimize towards impressions instead of clicks or engagements because unique reach is the #1 driver of sales. Ahalogy campaigns are seeing higher sales when optimized for reach with paid targeted ads. In fact, Ahalogy has observed little to no sales impact when optimizing towards clicks.



The Trend: If you’re running Social without the ability to measure sales impact, you’re wasting money

What we’re seeing...

When it comes to proving the impact of Social, how does your brand measure up? With 65% of marketers claiming that ROI for influencer claims is their biggest challenge, measurement is no longer a nice-to-have feature for your influencer solution partnerit's a necessity for many leading CPG brands and retailers.
Inspired in part by P&G’s Marc Pritchard calling for third-party verification for all digital advertising, more brands looking to partner with influencer solutions are using third-parties to measure results. In a recent article, Clorox's David Kellis even claimed that paid media and measurement are the two keys to winning influencer. In short, if your brand doesn’t have the ability to measure results from your Social-Influencer efforts, you’re wasting your time and money.
AdobeStock_82846430 [Converted]-01.png

How Ahalogy is innovating

Because Ahalogy campaigns are amplified with 100% paid media, we can offer first- and third-party measurement solutions that allow us to measure Social’s impact on sales lift, brand lift, ROAS, and more. Our initial findings are showing a 2.7% average sales lift and an $8.88 ROAS for campaigns measuring brand halo lift from Social.



The Trend: Brands and retailers are using social media to drive consumers to the point of purchase, on and offline.

What we’re seeing...

In the past year, it seems that “eCommerce” has become the industry buzzword in the Social-Influencer space. Platforms are releasing “shoppable” elements for influencers, like Instagram’s new Shopping from Creators feature that allows users to shop in the app. Amazon recently launched influencer storefronts to make influencer content even more shoppable.

And while online shopping behaviors continue to rise, consumers (including younger audiences) are still making the bulk of their purchases in-store. Fashion (61%), Travel (59%), and Books/Music (41%) are the leaders for online shopping penetrationa far cry from the Food, Beverage, Over-the-Counter, and Household Goods products that the CPG and Retail industry is known for. And with 20-500+ average touchpoints needed to drive to a sale, it seems that it will take more than click-through rate to drive shoppers to the point of conversion.

ecomm screens -05.png

How Ahalogy is innovating

Our take on all the eCommerce noise? Simply put, Social is effective at driving consumers closer to the point of purchase. Shoppers make purchases in-store and online fluidly. While the bulk of pre-purchase behaviors (inspiration, research, education, etc.) are happening online, they’re making those purchases both in the store and online—which is why we focus on unique reach to hit shoppers at as many touchpoints as possible. Therefore, we use Social to provide ideas and education with useful content, reach shoppers across multiple channels, and inform shoppers on when (and where) to buy.


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