Pingage Becomes Ahalogy To Capture Our Science Behind Discovery

The amazing thing about building a fast-growing company in a fast-moving industry is that you are continually discovering opportunities and shifting to them in real-time. Along the ride, you often discover something about yourself. In that spirit, we’re announcing a name change from “Pingage” to “Ahalogy” to better differentiate our model and bring our vision to life.

In the ten months since launching Pingage and serving over 1.5 billion impressions on the Pinterest platform, we have seen how people use the tool to discover ideas and inspiration that they never would have found otherwise. It’s hard to believe that 20 years since the birth of the web, people are discovering new ways to discover online. Pinterest has opened new pathways to finding what you didn’t know was out there—and our company has used data from 1.5 billion impressions, 19 million site visits, and 600,000 placed pins to pour rocket fuel on Pinterest for individuals and brands.

It’s a good time to reassess the landscape and solidify our direction. The team at Pinterest is now reaching out to businesses and partners like us. No doubt there will be new companies coming into this space. The shift to “Ahalogy” allows us to better communicate our unique positioning and vision. Most users would agree that Pinterest itself is about the delight of discovery and inspiration. We, in turn, use data to uncover when, where and why delight and discovery happen, then we help brands and content creators better deliver those “Aha!” moments. We have become “Ahalogy” to better capture what makes Pinterest and our service special.

Our mission to make Aha! connections between brands and content creators is seen in the launch of our Ahalogy Content Network. This new service allows leading content creators—from individual bloggers to larger publishers—free use of our suite of Pinterest management tools in return for allowing leading brands to re-pin their content from their Pinterest accounts. Content creators get killer tools and additional traffic, while brands can get permission and credit for sharing the best of the web’s content.

Of course, it all works on our pay-for-performance business model, so brands only pay when they get the consumer engagement and conversions they need to build their businesses. We’re making content marketing a win-win-win proposition for all players and driving even more Aha!s for the tens of millions of daily Pinterest users.

Ahalogy also allows greater freedom for us to explore additional digital platforms beyond Pinterest in the months and years ahead. While we started in Pinterest, brands have proven to be hungry for our “do-it-for-me, pay-for-performance” model across multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. We still think Pinterest is the first social media made for marketing—but we increasingly see that the possibilities beyond it are also vast.

You might love our new name, or you might hate it. But either way you would probably agree that it has a point of view. And I guarantee that you’ll be hearing a lot more from Ahalogy in the days ahead…