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About Ahalogy

We build stuff that helps you pin things better

We're building Ahalogy to solve one simple problem: make Pinterest marketing as effortless as possible. That's it.

We started developing the Ahalogy technology as internal tools to improve the marketing of one of our previous startups, but once we showed other companies what we were building, we soon learned just how common—and dire—this need was for other brands. So in October 2012 we founded Ahalogy to fix Pinterest marketing for brands and content creators across industries and around the world.

Along the way Ahalogy has become a fast-growing startup backed by incredible investors. We call Cincinnati home, a city with more brand marketers than any other place in the world. And we've added offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to focus on brand, agency, and media partnerships.


Michael Wohlschlaeger

Michael is the mad scientist behind the Ahalogy technology and data science. A former management consultant and corporate finance leader, he is a self-professed data geek (designing algorithms makes him giddy), husband, and father.

Bob Gilbreath

Bob has spent his career cracking the code on digital marketing from every angle: as a brand manager at Procter & Gamble, Chief Strategy Officer of Possible Worldwide, and marketing startup investor. He literally wrote the book on Marketing with Meaning and now gets to bring this vision to reality at Ahalogy.

The Facts

Where we call home Cincinnati, New York, Philadelphia, Kyiv, São Paulo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fremont, Chicago, Columbia, and Columbus
Size 48 teammates
Started October 2012
Investors The Brandery, CincyTech, North Coast Angel Fund, Vine Street Ventures, Origin Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners

Come stop by

Ahalogy HQ
3197 Linwood Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208