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The only Social & Content Marketing SaaS that guarantees performance. Ahalogy delivers amazing results on Pinterest and beyond.

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ANNOUNCING: Ahalogy’s Mobile SmartStacks [patent pending]

Ahalogy is excited to announce the launch of SmartStacks, a completely new experience for consuming shared web content within the in-app browser.

The audience sees significantly faster load speeds and a drastically improved reading experience; publishers get reduced bounce rates and higher engagement; and brands have a new way to reach and engage consumers with a magazine-like ad experience inside native mobile platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Powerful & Simple

While extremely powerful, content marketing is uniquely difficult for brands to execute well. Ahalogy tackles the full spectrum of challenges and delivers performance in a simple package.

How do I source or create amazing content? How do I know it will work?

The Ahalogy Content Network provides a license to over 500,000 images and articles from authentic content creators, all ranked by trending performance in the market.

Once I have content, how do I get people to see it?

Our understanding of Pinterest across our network of sites (tens of millions of Pinterest users per month) allows us to identify trends and strategies that perform.

How do I effectively engage visitors to the content I share? Across devices, platforms, and unique individuals?

Our one of a kind mobile experience provides a contextualized, responsive environment for your audience to interact with your content and your brand, including an immersive, full-screen experience. And this can be delivered across our entire network of 1000+ sites.

Can I leverage earned and paid activity?

Using our cohesive data science and integration, we not only help you earn more engagement on/off platform, but we can programmatically link this to paid opportunities across our network of sites.

Brands pay for performance, not promises

We work with brands who aren't afraid of transformative growth, who appreciate the disruptive power of a different kind of marketing from a unique kind of solution. We work with teams who understand that building your own brands first starts with giving people a reason to make you a part of their own.

We like to have skin in the game. Retainers breed complacency. That's why our client relationships are only pay for performance. In fact we're the only Pinterest marketing service that works this way.

If you're interested, don't be shy.

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